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Bought an iPhone 6

I lost my old iPhone 5 to a pick pocket at the escalator of First World Hotel, Genting Highlands. Not wanting to be left out in the family chat, I decided to buy a new iPhone 6 for $2,400 or so. The normal selling price in Malaysia is $2,702. Since mine is a Digi plan of $148 per month, I managed to get it cheaper than the normal price. But the caveat is that I have to subscribe for at least 2 years. Now, I have to be very cautious when going out especially when travelling on an escalator. My partner already noticed a foreigner with a head scarf with fair skin standing just one step below me and being very short, it is easy for her to lift up the handphone from my opened bag. Her boyfriend was behind my partner and he’s very tall. My partner immediately went up one step forward so as to prevent his wallet from being pick pocketed. They certainly choose easy targets and now I need to look behind my back very often every time.