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Bought Rhythm Avenue USJ 19

Just 2 days ago, I paid $8,700 by cheque as 3% for Rhythm Avenue USJ 19, Kuala Lumpur where City Mall is just downstairs for rental income and self stay. The 616 sq. ft apartment is selling at market price for $315,000.00 and I bargained to $290,000.00 selling price. The owner is only 30 years old and is apparently upgrading to a landed property to build his family. I will rent out to my company for $900 per month and the maintenance charges are around $200 per month, which is on the high end due to the convenience of shopping and dining. There is Papa Rich, AEON Big, computer products stall, Cosway pharmacy, amongst its tenants downstairs. There is also a big Chinese restaurant on the second or third level. The LRT is under construction progress and this will fetch even higher price.