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Came back from JB and KL

My colleague drove down to Kuala Lumpur a few days ago and then we took Firefly down to Johor Bahru where he rented a car to go to 3 places which are rather near to each other comparatively. Note that in Waze GPS, Senai Airport is DIFFERENT from Senai Airport City which is still under development! Such confusion that we thought we will miss the flight; but thank goodness, we started off early and then managed to find the right Senai Airport in time for the flight back to Subang Airport. Stayed in KL for 1 night before departing the next morning to Penang. On the way home, got some fruits from Tapah Rest & Relax area for dad and the family. Second sis is hopping mad that I did not make time for dad in my busy schedule to visit him in the nursing home. I was rather tired to entertain anyone, by the way.