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Came back from Kota Bahru Yesterday

2 days ago, I booked Firefly by MAS to Kota Bahru for 2 guests for $665 including seat allocation and taxes. After that I booked Hotel Perdana for 1 night for $280 which is right smack in town and very central and convenient. It is very near to KB mall where we went to have our dinner at Pizza Hut. I also booked the new Proton Saga from Hawk Rental for $180 for more than 1 day or 24 hours. We visited a client at a local school and was successful in getting a project which is slated to be completed by end of the month! It was a last minute thingy and that is why the need was urgent. The lady client is related to Kelantan royalty and they stay in a double storey bungalow with 4 cars, one of them a new Mercedes. There are 6 rooms in the bungalow and I enjoyed the trip; no doubt it was short as we had to come back and mobilise our workers after payment was done.