Dancing Through Crisis – What Great Thing Have I Done This Week

View this post on Instagram A post shared by DTan (@philin135) Above is my sponsor of “Dancing Through Crisis” or better known through the moniker of “Saje Flow”. If you guys are a little under the weather or feeling down, do check out my links below and let Saje Flow guide you via his motivational, […]

Dancing Through Crisis – “Raising the Roof”

  @sulintan135Raising the roof. Check out:- https://cutt.ly/dkqyoSa ##dancingthroughcrisis♬ YMCA (3:42) – Young Men Reaching a Huge GOAL is all about taking the tiny steps needed to get there. Be patient and be consistent. Enjoy the journey while trying to set out to the destination. Check out:- https://dancingandlife.com/landing-pages/what-inner-strength-can-you-harness-to-lead-in-times-of-crisis?afmc=7u or https://cutt.ly/dkqyoSa #dancingthroughcrisis See the Instagram Picture below. […]

Dancing Through Crisis – What I hope to achieve at the end of this 30-day program

  @sulintan135What I hope to achieve at the end of this 30-day program. Check out https://dancingandlife.com?afmc=7u ##dancingthroughcrisis♬ Relax – Relaxing Sounds Studios The above is a video, done by yours truly, for Blog Meets Brand. I am a sponsee for this advertiser. See the picture below, of what I hope to achieve at the end […]

Dancing Through Crisis – Taking a Break from “Pretending to Ski” Photo

Hello people. That’s me, taking a break from “pretending to ski” at Mount Pilatus, Switzerland, during my tour to Europe, covering 10 countries in a go! This photo was taken years ago, around in 2013. Keep hustling, stay happy and most of all, love yourself. Then only, can you love others, and exude positive vibes […]

Dancing Through Crisis – Flip a Coin – Disco Lines Song

  @sulintan135Flip a coin. Heads for Option A – start hustling. Option B – Lazy napping time. Check out https://dancingandlife.com?afmc=7u ##dancingthroughcrisis♬ Love Story – Disco Lines Flip a coin. Heads for Option A – start hustling. Option B – Lazy napping time. See the Instagram picture below from my account:     View this post […]

Dancing Through Crisis – “Breathing Techniques” – Relaxing Sounds

  @sulintan135My Breathing Techniques. Breathe in, hold 3 seconds, breathe out. Rinse and repeat. ##dancingthroughcrisis♬ Relaxing Sounds – Relaxing Piano Consort It’s important to see how breathing techniques will help you to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. How great that you will embrace physical actions to mentally reset yourself to get better this year. It’s a […]