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Dutble and Perditi Items Arrived

Above are 2 boxes of Dutble items from Netherlands that arrived for half the actual price due to mandatory posting of items on Instagram. Well, Dutble has thousands of followers and counting. I received a genuine leather watch with green strap, and you have an option to purchase more coloured straps to suit the dressing and occassions. Moreover I got 2 granolla bars of cereal and chocolate flavours with long expiry dates, sometime later this year.

I love my Nemi ring that I wore on my pinkie finger which does not seem too ‘loud’ nor insipid. It suits me just right. I also received a sprite of perfume and a pair of earrings from Perditi with many vouchers for more free items where you just pay for shipping by certain dates, which was end of last year.

Since I requested again and emailed Perditi why I did not get my package as promised showing them proofs of 3 payments made successfully from October to December, I got 2 packages instead of three with tracking numbers from Netherlands, albeit a little late. Well, something is better than nothing at all; and as an obligation, I took photos and posted on my Instagram instead. Also got a scrunchie to tie up my growing hair in forrest green velvet, amongst other items. Thanks, Perditi for the awesome gifts.

Video of Pomeranian walking

Here is yet an Instagram video of a cute white golden Pomeranian puppy waking alongside with its owner The long fur on its hind legs make it look so sexy and cute just walking while I admire it. Occasionally it looks back to check on its owner as most dogs do. They can only have one owner and will be loyal to him/her until the end. Pomeranian is loveable and very loyal. It can even get jealous when strangers go near its owner and will bark non-stop to say, “Hey, stay away from my master!” It is better to have your pet dog vaccinated so that it won’t carry unnecessary disease contracted from other dogs with rabies, etc. It is safer too for the master. Well, my pet Pomeranian was vaccinated 3 times as a puppy and she is now safe to play with. I just love stroking her long fur pelt, that is soft like silk.

Keeping a pet is known to help reduce stress and pressures of life. If you have a lack of space, then you might want to consider a hamster, kept in its cafe and the running wheel to exercise. Otherwise, dogs can help guard your house against attempted break-ins.

Leia in all her former glory days

The above pictures and video are taken by me of my pet Pomeranian, Leia, with my spouse as her master now. She’s so cute and in her former glory days of long fur pelt with puppy boots. I feel a little sad now that her long fur was cut short by her ‘master’ since she dropped balls of fur near her playpen and it is a daily task to pick up the balls of fur. But due to certain circumstances, he sent her for a new overhaul in look and she now resembles a mongrel in the streets; except for her long fur on her tail that was not cut! Thank goodness, people still know she’s a Pom!

It is easier to maintain her now, but I still sense that Leia felt something was not usual having her long fur in her glory old days shaved off like a mongrel. Anyway, she will still remain my beloved little Pom! Since my spouse does most of the feeding and cleaning of poo, and fill up her water bottle, hence, he’s the master.

Beautiful Sunday with Funky Green Male Animation sung by Daniel Boone

Don’t you just love the male green animation and lady in green costume pair dancing to the song of Beautiful Sunday? It’s a bit hilarious and a little arousing! It’s like a karaoke too with the lyrics of the song shown at the bottom of the screen. So, for those having Sunday today, hope you enjoy this clip. It is indeed a beautiful Sunday, but we were pretty busy having a final lunch together as a family before admitting dad to a semi-private hospital for a heart vein bypass to be done on 5th Dec on a Wednesday. I hope and pray everything goes well together and that God will guide the hands of the cardiothoracic surgeon for a smooth operation.

Dad will be there for another 10 days to recuperate and hopefully, he can go home soon and no longer stay in a nursing home. The night before, we had a seafood buffet dinner at MO. It was enjoyable and there was a wedding going on at the same day.

Pictures of Cute Pomeranian Puppies

Above are 4 pictures of Pomeranian puppies with their respective owners. They are so adorable with the long soft pelt of fur. Pomeranians are smart too. They can be trained to listen and obey simple commands and long strings of words. They can catch the keyword like “In Jesus Name” after saying grace before food just like little Leia. Then it’s time for her to lift up her paw to “shake hands” before eating. She has been taught to go into her cage, sit down and come out again. The only command it was not trained was “roll over”. But luckily, it has been toilet trained already and does not anyhow poo or pee anywhere as and when she likes anymore. Sometimes, she gets smacked for biting rolls of toilet paper and the internet wire when she was just a few month old puppy. Now at 1+ years, she is more matured and understands keywords and simple commands. And she’s very obedient when she knows she will get her treat.

Zidane the Pom (Pomeranian)

Above is our superstar on Instagram; Zidane the Pom. Click on the movie and see Zidane wagging its long furry tail while being videoed. This is a very lucky Pom indeed and well groomed. Unfortunately, my little Leia, whose owner is my partner, had her fur cut like a fox now and I do not wish to show her photos here. Wait till the fur grows again, then, maybe I might post a picture or two. Leia is able to nod her head when saying grace before her food and paw to ‘shake hands’. She’s quite obedient for her age but her barks can be ferocious when strangers enter the house like plumbers, air-con repairmen, etc.

Leia has a good personality and sometimes chases after her furry tail and playfully bites it to get our attention. Before her fur cut and total overhaul, she looked like Zidane with all her splendour of long golden fur. But this also means lots of upkeep picking up her balls of fur all over the house, especially near her playpen. Nevertheless, Leia is a family member now.

Happy Deepavali to my Readers

Above is an awesome almost completed Rangoli or Kolam of coloured rice beads spread on a piece of white cloth with ink markings as borders for the various colours rice beads to be poured on to make a stunning design on the floor. To see a giant peacock statue with flowers as its colourful feathers that compliments the Rangoli or Kolam, simply click on the right button on the photo and you can scroll to the left for more breathtaking pictures. I happened to be at Subang Airport at the right time some days back and took the opportunity to snap a few photos for posterity. I was waiting for my Malindo flight back at night to Penang after visiting a few places for work.

Now it is just past midnight and you can hear bangs of firecrackers in the wee hours of the morning! Now, where did they get the idea of exploding firecrackers here on a Deepavali? Anyway, hope you enjoy your holidays and for some, they took a long leave over the weekend to travel somewhere exotic or even nearby with loved ones. Happy Deepavali everyone!