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Christmas Dinner at Matsuki

My second sister had done a review for The Star as a stringer at Matsuki along Cantonment Road and further up called Jalan Pemenang. Well, this Christmas, we had lunch there with their Christmas bento set for an affordable $35 and the bill came to about $271 for 7 persons with 10% discount for my sister. It was set in an old colonial single storey white bungalow with some parking spaces. The bento consists of mushrooms rolled with salmon and avocado, meat burger, chawan mushi, miso soup and some garnishings here and there with tea – hot or cold.

On boxing day, my niece celebrated her wedding at Rasa Sayang Hotel with about 5 tables for the guests after the tea ceremony. It started with 4 seasons platter, followed by crab’s meat soup without the sharks’ fins to save the dwindling population of sharks, and other 8-course-meal with dessert at the end. The food was not too bad but CRC is still better and value for money.