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Contemplating a Franchise Business

Some months back, I was contemplating a sandwich franchise business in Malaysia. The renovation cost comes to about $400,000.00 and this does not include the kitchen ovens, tools and utensils. Moreover, you have to pay 10% franchisee fees for every meal bought by patrons. Although it is the world’s biggest food franchisor in the world due to its low start up capital at $45,000.00, we decided to shelve the idea because too much is at stake.

We have the finances, but not the time to dedicate this business full time and concentrate on it 100%. It is like a marriage. You need to put in 100% effort and commitment to see it through to success. As we are currently in the sports business, we cannot allocate more of our commitment and concentration to be diluted to the food franchise business.

The issue is that we cannot be everywhere attending to different businesses. It is not good to be Jack of all trades but master of none. If we commit to a business, say sports, then we need to have targeted laser concentration on the said business. Don’t try to do everything and branch into different types of businesses where you cannot possibly concentrate fully.

This sandwich franchise business is sprouting everywhere all over the country. It is a very popular brand and easy to clean up, since no cutleries are required, other than paper wrappings that can be thrown away easily. Hence, cleaning up after a meal is easy peasy – as opposed to dining in Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets where the bones, skin and what not have to be removed and table wiped clean.