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Dad in Hospital for a Heart Attack

Dad was in General Hospital for 5 days that we waited to get an ECG test, but he was bypassed because the hospital ‘don’t have enough’ nurses to carry him and take him for the test. That was early in the morning yesterday when only 1 male nurse was in charge. When 4 of us went there and able to help him for the test, they said the slot was no longer available.

So, in the end, youngest sister booked a private St. John’s ambulance to fetch dad to a private hospital that I don’t wish to disclose for privacy sake and immediately he went to A & E unit, where they did the dressing for him, etc. and I paid the $4k deposit using my credit card. Dad was so much happier now and he even joked. Such a big difference from being ‘lifeless’ to joking.

Eventually he has to go for open heart surgery at a ripe age of 80 as one of his heart valves was not functioning and needs repair.