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Entrepreneur vs Businessman: Key Differences

Entrepreneur vs Businessman: Key Differences

I am more of an entrepreneur than a businessman/woman. I used to run an e-commerce site selling generic products, but unfortunately, due to time constraint, I cannot commit as much time as I would like to this business. It is like your baby that needs your attention 24/7 or round the clock. As I prefer blogging to running an e-commerce site which requires Facebook advertisements and such, I have decided to let it go, and it has become defunct.

Anyway, below sums up the differences between the two keywords:

Here is the comparative table to visually demonstrate the key differences between entrepreneur and businessman:

Businessman Entrepreneur
Runs a business Runs a business
Profit-oriented Consumer-oriented
Prefers to play safe Tolerates higher risk levels
No new business idea New business idea
Conservative Innovator
Hard working Hard working
Focused on profit Focused on profit and novelty