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Going Down South Next Week

I shall be going to KL next week, either on a Monday or Tuesday morning for the 3pm interview at a potential client’s place. If we head down on Monday, then we would have to stay overnight at my apartment and it will not be so rushed during the journey. There could be unforeseen circumstances like car breaking down which had happened in the past and we had to cancel the important interview with more than 8 persons waiting for our presence. Anyway, we got another car, bigger and more robust this time despite being second hand Mercedes which has very low mileage. It is actually an S280 but the previous owner, Datuk Ali, changed it to S500. That’s the typical case of creating an impression on the roads. LOL!

We were stopped by police on bikes once for suspicion of being potential drug peddlars, but all they found in our car boot were synthetic turf samples and lots of them in boxes. Hence, we were let off. Another time, we were fined just because the car number plate was not the conventional type and it was customised to look better and sleekier.