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Going Down South Tomorrow Morning

This year is a leap year with Feb 29 yesterday which occur every 4 years. So for leap year babies, celebrating their 16th Birthday would mean they are 64 on that day. Tomorrow, I shall be heading to KL in the morning for business. I am just a silent partner in this business, and do all the computer work in the background. I hardly attend meetings and even if I do, my business partner does most of the presentation and talking as he is the one who created the product and knows it inside out. He is a civil engineer by training while I am in computer technology. At a ripe old age of 65, he drives down to KL from Penang while taking short breaks to the restroom in Tapah rest and relax pit stops and in Bukit Merah. I guess I am still lucky to be employed for the last 13 years by the same company to work in a home office with EPF and SOCSO.