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Going Down South

Tomorrow, I shall depart for KL as early as 8:00am in order to make it for the meeting at 2:30 – 3:00pm with a potential client. Recently, in the papers, it was advertised that Great Eastern has a coverage up to a million for medical treatment and I was quite interested. However, from previous bad experiences with insurance agents, I was advised against it and it is better to save the money myself and pay for it later on should the need arise. I still keep my Prudential policy which I used to pay $150 per month which was subsequently increased to $155.41 per month just before I claimed for my treatment at Adventist Hospital with a maximum claim of only $3,000.00 after paying $150 per month since 2004. I have put in so much money each year, around $1,800 per year for the last 10 years and all I could claim was a mere $3,000 for my medical treatment at Adventist Hospital. This is really bad and it is the only policy that I still keep till today. I cannot cancel anymore unlike previous policies as it is my only existing one. For new policies, I may have to cough up more premiums due to my age.