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I am writing an article about adsense safe traffic

I am not sure about this, but in 2011, when I bought traffic, my Adsense account was banned; And after 6 years, I got back my Adsense account explaining about the bought traffic that cause surge in visitors, which at that time, violates that terms and conditions. Meanwhile, I don’t know how reliable this is but use it with caution and you can check out Adsense safe traffic. Possibly Adsense might relax the rules due to stiff competition from Facebook Ads and others. But to me Adsense is still the number one contextual advertisement to go to for surfing or browing websites with Adsense.

And another tip is that: never ask people to click on your own Adsense banners or links repeatedly. This will definitely get you banned permanently. However, should you be interested in their advertisements, then you can check out but never click on it repeatedly. This is very crucial for the continuity of earning your Adsense and to cash out the payment via Western Union when you hit 100USD.

Play safe and play by the rules. Otherwise, all your hardwork of building websites, just to monitize on Adsense or other platforms will come to nought. But for those who are unfortunate enough to get banned by Adsense, there are many other Adsense Alternatives out there, but the threshold payout is only a mere 10USD and it takes years sometimes just to earn that amount. You may even get banned if you continue to click repeatedly. There is a system in place to check if you cheat. Hence, honestly is the best policy.