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I love my JOB – Joy On Board

There could be frustrations at times due to favouritism and unfairness, but nevertheless, I still love my job. It does not really promote meritocracy. Having been in and out of other jobs, anyway, I am still grateful to God for my blessing. For most people, a JOB is Just Over Broke and they live from paycheque to paycheque. As for me a JOB is Joy on Board. Notice the acronym? I work in a home office since 2004 and have been blessed with a job specially catered to my talents, doing mainly administrative work like a secretary. The office is just a walk to the next room and I work in my jammies or pyjamas. No more makeup, changing of office clothes and getting stuck in snarling traffic jams just to commute to work. And I am rather well compensated, like working in an MNC (multinational corporation) in Bayan Lepas, the silicon valley of Penang. There’s EPF, SOCSO, medical benefits, meals and utilities.