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iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6

I own an iPhone 6 which was bought some time back in Gurney Plaza and still use this good trusty model till today. While traveling on the go, I can check incoming emails and Whatsapp friends from afar. Who knows, I might just get another phone, a second one like Samsung Galaxy S6 which just came out. And don’t forget to invest in a Case Mate for iPhone 6 Case or even iPhone 6 Plus Case.

There is also an older model to cater to such as iPhone 5S Case. There are many cheaper models out in the market from China but I still prefer to use Samsung Galaxy S6 Case for a new Samsung or maybe even Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Case.

Smartphones have becomes very much a part of our live now that we cannot do without them. We can use them to find new friends in nearby surrounding areas, use Waze GPS to navigate through the roads to reach our destinations and much more.

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