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Koi Brings Luck


KOI breeders see a thriving business during the Lunar New Year period. This is because many Chinese believe that by investing in the fish, they will be blessed with financial abundance.

However, while the koi are referred to as investments and many actually do appreciate in value (as long as you buy the right fish with the right pedigree from the right breeders), most buyers do not resell their fish. Firstly, because they value more the koi as a creature of prosperity and longevity, and not the money that can be realised from a sale. And secondly, buyers tend to be emotionally attached to their fish.

Jeff Tan, a koi investor and breeder who runs the Arowana Aquarium Specialist Centre, says investors generally hang on to their fish because they believe the koi will bring them wealth.

For those who are less sentimental, however, koi do make a good alternative investment. But you have to know how to pick them and how to look after them. A koi’s value is based on its size, bloodline, accolades, beauty and breeder.

Prices can start from as low as RM50 and go up to RM300,000. If a koi comes with a birth certificate, it will cost at least RM1,500. Most of Tan’s premier grade koi sell for about RM35,000 each.