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Life is Good to Me

So far, life is good to me. I have a roof over my head, no floods here in Penang and I live in a high rise condo in the heart of Georgetown. I have enough money to last a lifetime and am entitled to my dad’s pension for the OKU programme with monthly allowance.

I might go down to KL this evening or tomorrow morning as my colleague needs to meet up with someone. Just pray for journey mercies and protection on the road while driving, especially along the ever busy North-South highway. I was in Kedah yesterday evening to meet up with a potential client and the trip there was smooth, hardly any traffic around. There’s no snarling traffic jams unlike crowded Penang, chocked with so many vehicles that it is common to have bumper-to-bumper drive. I also received payment for my PR2 website of USD 66 after service charge deduction by Paypal. This is repeated monthly income for 1 year after I emailed my clients the monthly invoice using Paypal. I will also receive USD 10 from a China client for blogging on a monthly basis, paid on the 10th every month.