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Met Singapore Church Friend

My best friend had to go back to Johor to attend his father-in-law’s funeral today and his mother-in-law’s funeral was just 2 weeks ago. So, I am alone at the condo. Well, my Singapore church friend called up out of the blue and we decided to meet at his brother’s hardware shop in Times Square and together, we had dinner at Food Gallery – just 2 of us. It had been some years already since we last met up as she had to go back to Singapore to work and we lost contact since then. Through Facebook, we managed to get in touch again and I have learnt that she is now intentionally unemployed doing missions works. Her 4S HDB flat had been fully paid off since she worked for DBS for 18 years and another 16 years for IBM. Not bad for someone who comes from a single parent family when her father passed on prematurely.