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My Birthday Yesterday at Foong Wei Heong Restaurant

I celebrated my birthday yesterday at Foong Wei Heong Chinese Restaurant at Sri Bahari Road in Penang. My parents, youngest sister and best friend came along. The dish above is four seasons consisting of stir fried scallops garnished with vegetables, honey coated fried chicken, spring roll and mayonnaise prawns. This dish cost $60 and enough to serve 5 of us.

Gold Choice Gourmet Coffee was open last month in Penang Times Square and they offer barrista classes on how to serve gourmet coffee. They are a franchise business with several machines for coffee making costing in the range of thousands and easily 4 thousand upwards. I guess the boss must be quite wealthy, because they close rather early compared to the surrounding places and by 9:00pm, it is already closed.

The above was ordered at Chinese Recreation Club where my friend is a lifetime member with no monthly charges. It is called green dragon vegetables stir-fried with garlic and garnished with stripes of red chilly. It tasted rather crunchy and soothe the palate.

This is one of my favourite dish – stir-fried egg with chunks of crab meat, dried scallops and water chessnut, garnished with julienned lettuce. Depending on who takes the order, the dish can taste as ordinary as fried egg or a gourmet dish with lots of crab meat chunks.

This is the first time I ordered and tried the Indian curry prawns with fried bun that was crusted on the outside. The bun was superb when dipped in the curry and the flavour melts in your mouth. The prawns were large and I think could be Tiger Prawns.

The food taken all together where we had our dinner at Chinese Recreation Club recently.