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No. 1 Phone

Coming from an IT background and being trained in computers, I love all things related to information technology. As always, I am constantly on the look out for new things and apps to install on my smart phones. Being an avid reader of newspapers and magazines, help in my quest to further my knowledge in everything new with the latest trends.

If you are a smart phone junkie and love gadgety stuffs, then you might love NO.1 Phone. This NO1 Phone web site has a safe and secure shopping cart to take your orders online and have your phone delivered right to your door steps. For the record, I myself own 2 smart phones: an iPhone 5 and an HTC smartphones. I bought the iPhone 5 myself and got the HTC free of charge should I maintain the Maxis phone service charges for 2 years. Not bad for a win-win deal for both seller and client like myself.