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Paayi – Your Career and Business Help

Paayi - career and business improvement

Business and career are necessary and play a major part in our lives. We have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and food to put on the table for ourselves and our family. Therefore, formatting a great resume to secure a job is pertinent. After all, there are many other applicants who want that limited job with dozens if not hundreds of applications just for 1 or 2 vacancies. Therefore, you need to have your resume stand out above the rest and be the person that your employer loves to work with.

Be the best in everything you do and excel at it if possible to stay relevant in the company to get confirmed and salary increment. For
career improvement, you might like to check out the link given here as there are many articles of golden nuggets and words of wisdom pertaining to career, jobs and business.

One cannot take his job for granted and not turns up for work and come as and when your mood desires. Missing in action is a no go and a call for retrenchment or being sacked. Most bosses won’t tolerate this type of nonsense but in some cases, some bosses are more understanding and in great need of people and manpower. This is especially so in the construction industry.

As for white collar jobs in the office, executives will definitely be blackmarked if he is MIA (missing in action) and regularly takes MCs (medical certificates) due to illness or just to avoid a nasty boss or supervisor. For those doing business, either full time or part-time, you can check out articles to help your career and business in every way by clicking on the recent link.

Whatever you do, do you best as unto the Lord Jesus. You will be rewarded in due time and the company will prosper under your employment and you need to take the initiative if the culture allows it so that the company can grow and strengthen. This will be rewarding in due time and you will get your bonuses as well to spur you on to continue working harder and not play politics or “tai chi” to avoid nasty situations and put the blame on someone else.

So, there you have it, working hard and working smart is the way to go and thrive in a competitive environment.

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