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Pomeranian Puppy with Plush Toys as Friends


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Isn’t the above picture from my Instagram of a Pomeranian puppy of white and golden colours cute? It is accompanied by its toy friends that resemble it. I love Pomeranians and will only showcase this breed here on my blog as I own one golden Pomeranian pup by the name of Leia. Initially, I named it ‘Princess’, but the second sis says ‘Leia’ sounds better and it is just a mere 1 syllable to pronounce. Leia is more matured now and trained by my spouse. He’s the real master, feeding it and clearing its poo. He also cuts Leia’s long nails and sometimes she will yelp loudly when the nerves are cut as well. As for me, I have the easy job of feeding it its vitamins from a tube and let it lick my finger. Before that, I will tell Leia to sit down and ‘shake hand’ or ‘paw’. Leia is now 1 year and 6 months. She was born on 20th April 2017 and had been given 3 jabs to prevent rabies, etc. as a puppy.

When her period comes, she will be spayed to prevent moody barkings and pain or whatever that comes with the monthly menses, such as tummy cramps and mood swings. I used to have 4 rabbits, 2 red-eyed Holland Lop white rabbits and 2 black-eyed golden Angora mixed with Holland Lop rabbits. The names were Snow, Snowy, Brown and Brownie. Well, they were high maintenance, hence, we returned to the seller without taking back our money. Besides, the condo is not that big enough for them to flourish as they need a big garden to hop around and move freely instead of being barricaded.