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Stayed at Maritime Waterfront Hotel


On 30th August, a Sunday, we stayed at Maritime Waterfront Hotel, choosing the Executive Suite for $448 per night plus another $3 for the Penang government. It was to celebrate our 12th Anniversary together and it seems to be a long time with its many challenges of working together and sharing a life as soul mates with its ups and downs. Above is a picture of 2 swans pecking together made from white towels. Rose petals were scattered on the side table with 2 red hearts cut out from paper.


Here is a view from the Sky Garden of Maritime Waterfront Hotel, possible a 4-star hotel with a swimming pool and gym. For $448, buffet breakfast is included for 2. It includes nasi lemak, fried noodles, various cereals, veggies, milk, juices and muffins.


For dinner, we drove to the nearby hawker centre in Sungai Pinang which is just 3 minutes away. My spouse ordered several dishes, amongst them crab claws as shown above for $12 a plate of 3 pieces. It has chopped vegetables mixed with crab meat, patted into a dough on crab claw and deep fried for a sumptuous meal.


We also ordered scallops, garnished with stir-fried garlic for $12 a plate as well for 2 pieces. It was finished in one mouthful which was yummy. This particular hawker centre has 42 different stalls and many varieties of affordable food to choose from. For my main meal, I had sliced grouper in soup with thin noodles, mixed with sliced ginger for an ‘oopmh’ taste that lingers on the taste buds. Hope you like the pictures taken in my iPhone 6 and emailed over without using any Photoshop to resize or edit the pictures.