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Joel Osteen 2017 ★ The Power Of Your Everyday Words ★ 2017

Pastor Joel Osteen’s church is one of the largest in USA. He is very motivating and sometimes, I listen to his Youtube videos on my iPhone 6. Don’t stir up strive. Don’t speak out of your emotions, let your tongue run wild and regret later. Be quick to listen and slow to talk. You don’t have to comment on every situation. Just bite your tongue and walk away.

Do you know how many headaches you can save yourself by walking away. You need to tame the tongue. Be slow to speak and not say anything out of emotions. Words can tear people apart, make them feel inferior, etc. Are you building people up with your words, making them stronger, etc? Or tearing them apart with wounds, etc.

Don’t say derogatory words to people. But people are made in the image of God. Speak life into people. Taming the tongue starts at home. When you hurt other people, you are also hurting yourself. Don’t be sarcastic and condescending to our relatives. Help them grow to be more confident. Speak blessings to others. Encourage others and keep people passionate about life.

Use your words to bless people. In relationships, there will be tensions, etc. People are never perfect. Be disciplined enough to zip up your mouth. Then you won’t have to live in regrets. Rise above petty things once on a while.

You have a destiny to fulfill. Don’t waste your time on arguments and say something that you will regret later. You will not achieve anything by having the last word. Just overcome evil with good. Don’t overcome disrespect with disrespect. Avoiding a fight is a mark of honour.