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Why Your Kids Should Experience Balloon Wonderland in 1st Avenue Mall


1st Avenue Mall is just a stone’s throw away from M Mall and is located near KOMTAR and Prangin Mall. Among the 3 landmark buildings in its vicinity, it is the latest building to add to the attraction, being completed a couple of years back, from an open sandy carpark. Frequently, there are balloon wonderlands with various themes being held here, which I believe is from the same establishment company.


There is a full size inflated dinosaur with lots of colourful balloons for your kids to enjoy. There are also flying pterodactyls suspended from the ceiling with balloon clouds as part of the attraction. Your toddlers and kids will surely enjoy this largest balloon wonderland in the north in Penang at 1st Avenue.


Here are the instuctions for visitors with kids. It is only RM 12 per entry for 15 minutes per session for balloon pool and 5 minutes for dinosaur virtual reality experience. It is opened to kids from the ages 4 – 12 only and those toddlers below 85 cm, should be accompanied with a parent.


There are also balloons sculpted together into a huge tree trunk with leaves at the center. To make it even more fun, look for a golden balloon or ball and win a prize. You don’t have to worry if you miss this dinosaur balloon wonderland as there will be more wonderlands held frequently at 1st Avenue Mall by the event organizer, Visual Art Decoration.