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Year of the Gold Dog – Happy Chinese New Year!

gold dog

This is the year of the dog. In 1970, it was the year of the Gold Dog. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a Happy Chinese New Year. May you prosper even more with gold flowing into your pockets. That fortune is made and families are well provided for. Later on have to run errands for dad who is hospitalised and change the M size non-powdered latex gloves to S size. It has to be non-powdered as dad has eczema of the skin. I just hope the pharmacy is opened today and later on fetch 2nd sister for dinner as the hospital canteen is closed and she really needs a break away from dad, being with him almost 24 hours for the last few weeks.

The hospital bills have ballooned to $28k, after staying there since 26th January 2018. Dad is recovering well and making progress every day. He fell down and got clot in the brain where his neurosurgeon and neurologist gave him medicine to remove the blood clot without surgery. Dad would not have survived had he been put in General Hospital after 1 week of being unattended to, other than given food and being soaked in urine and did not bathe for 3 days! He was so miserable there. Just pray for his longevity and good health to return at this age of 81. The bill will be shared by me, youngest sister, and a friend.