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Fast Card Tech

Now you can also shop for the cheapest phones online and even login using your Paypal. How convenient is that? Welcome to Fast Card Tech where there is a shopping cart installed with checkout feature to do your online handphone purchasing, all at the convenience of your fingertips and right in the comfort of your home. You can order online, pay via your credit card or Paypal and have the items delivered right to your doorsteps.

This is now the technology age using the ubiquitous internet for an instant transaction without leaving your home. It is the digital age where everything is instant with the internet.


Now you can buy mobile phones online via SamMobile, just by clicking on the link given and check out the pages that load on your browser. There is even a shopping cart and feature to checkout in case you have finished shopping for a mobile phone. There are various brands and you can shop to your heart’s content. The website is nifty with the required features installed for a smooth and safe transaction online. Don’t believe me? Well, just check out for yourself. Seeing is believing, so they say. Experience it yourself and have a feel of the layout and pictures included.

Opened a Bank Account

One of the company account had to be closed because the cheque bounced 3 times already and I agreed to be the sole proprietor and had the names changed yesterday into mine. Then I opened a company bank account and it was immediately approved, where previously, under the former owner, 2 banks rejected the application due to outstanding issues. Hopefully, I will get the cheque book next week after the bank does a background search. This sounds complicated but such is the nature of things after stringent ruling from Bank Negara. So, always check if you have sufficient money in the bank before issuing out cheques haphazardly.

Snow Theme

I just added a new plugin to this blog called ‘let it snow’ to remind me of my last winter tour to Europe during Christmas. It was super chilling with extremely strong winds blowing me off, literally. It was the first time I experienced such strong chilling winds despite my thick winter jacket. Well, it as an experience to remember and I can resonate with my second sister’s stay in the UK for the last 3 years studying for her PhD in English Literature. She hopes to become a professor in a university someday and hence enrolled in a first class ivory tower in Southampton University. Hopefully, you like the snow theme in this blog.

Earning Money Bit by Bit

Even during weekends, I can sometimes earn a little here and there from the internet if luck is on my side. I try to save up for my retirement in years to come and without kids to turn to, I have to rely on my hard-earned savings to tide through the golden years and hopefully not woeful years. Taking surveys, doing micro jobs, writing articles, are some of the things that I can perform via the internet during my free time. I guess, as I get older, I get to be a little lazier as compared to the time when I was a fresh graduate, all fired up to attend interviews and work for my employer.