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Merry Christmas 2014!


The yuletide season has arrived bearing gifts from Santa Claus, whoever you perceive him to be. He travels magically on a sleigh pulled by reindeers in the sky and drops off presents on chimneys to homes of good children on the day before Christmas. This is a time for cheer and festivity with family and close friends. Children take leave to be with their family and spend time together for bonding. Jesus was born on Dec 25 to save mankind from sin and eternal separation from God the Father. His resurrection power at the cross defeated the power of the enemy, satan himself. That is why now, you and I can take his Gift of salvation and be reunited with our Heavenly Father upon death in heaven. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Ate at Toh Soon Cafe

My youngest sister took my second sister, her boyfriend and dad to Toh Soon Cafe in 184 Campbell Steet for breakfast recently and we decided to try it for ourselves since there is so much ravings about it. YB Lim Guan Eng had also dined there before in this shack of a cafe that is always full of patrons queuing up for a seat the moment people get up from their stools. The bread is charcoal roasted and spread with ‘kaya’ and butter for a crunchy texture and taste. It was an experience for me and my partner and we had to wait well over 10 minutes for a table to be vacated. The price is reasonable but I don’t think I shall be returning here for a second visit.

Just Came Back from Hatyai

I just came back from Hatyai for a night at Lee Gardens Hotel and tonight will go to KL with my colleague. There will be an interview to attend and a visit to another site. I also have to withdraw money to pay for my apartment in KL for the balance 90% amounting to RM 261k. It is a very small apartment of about 620sq ft, enough for 2 persons or 1 person ideally. My second sister is now is Jogjakarta, Indonesian and visited the temples there. Then she will go to KL and then spend 1 night in Ipoh to have dim sum before coming back to stay with me for the rest of the days she will be in Penang before returning to Southampton to continue her PhD studies for another 1.5 years. She plans to work in Singapore after graduation and I wish her all the best.

Living Life to the Fullest

I am a firm believer in living life to the fullest and to make the best of your potential. We should strive to work hard and play hard. By striking a balance, then only can we fulfill our potential to be the best in whatever endeavours we pursue – be it in our careers, relationships, hobbies, social work, etc. As they say, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’ Also be true to yourself as you deserve it and love yourself before you can pass the joy and love to others in this season of Yuletide where presents and joy abound. It is a time for giving and receiving. Be generous to others for Blessed are the generous in heart. During this Christmas season, I hope you will enjoy your holidays with closed ones and friends.

Emailed 2 Quotations

I woke up at 6:30am this morning, had simple breakfast of Chinese tea with vitamins and then I promptly logged into the computer. Did some editing on Photoshop and learnt from Youtube video how to draw a line in Photoshop which is different from Illustrator where is a tool for direct line drawing. In Photoshop, you have to select the Brush tool, then hold down the Shift key while clicking on a dot to position the line and then click on a second dot to finish off the line. The result is a straight line from point A to point B. It was easy peasy if you know how after watching the video. Then I typed 2 quotations for different clients and emailed them out this morning. Voila, my job is done for the day, unless of course, then is more incoming work from my boss.