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Computer Crash

I got a fatal system error C000021a which was a system crash on my old laptop of 7 years. So, yesterday, in a desperate attempt, called up several technicians and only 1 turned up at my place to solve the problem. He stayed for well over 5 hours, formatting my hard disk and partitioning into 2 drives while installing more than 200 games on my business laptop without my knowledge. Hence this morning, I had a tough time deleting all the games one by one from the computer. I don’t play games and my computer is solely for work purposes. Even after charging us RM 212 with GST, the computer has problem in installing the printer driver and he has to come again. I don’t know and have no inkling what he did to my pc that I am now unable to install the printer driver for work.

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel is OLD

I stayed at Sunway Pyramid tower hotel 2 days ago for 1 night for RM 440.75 inclusive of 10% and 6% GST charge with breakfast for 2. It was a horrible experience and I regretted staying here compared to the first time which was about 10 years ago. You see, the internal switches and lights are old and badly need replacement. There was buzzing electrical sound coming from the flickering bulb that has intermittent fault. I called the hotel electrician and when he came up, it was functioning well.

However, after he left, it started to flicker again with buzzing sound as it there is going to be some short circuit and I was scared of touching the switches in case of electrocution.

So, we requested to change to another room, which was smaller on the 8th floor compared to our superior executive room. At around 4:30am, a false fire alarm buzzed, waking up the neighbours and it went on for a long time. I could not sleep after that! Had we stayed at our own apartment, it would have been more peaceful without any hiccups or disturbances.

Anyway, this is the LAST time I am staying at Sunway Pyramid tower hotel which badly needs upgrading.

Went to the Pavilion in KL

Pavilion is similar to Gurney Plaza in Penang, an upscale shopping mall but it was much bigger in space and shopping lots. There was an SK-II cosmetics promotion recently on the ground floor and having visited the tour, I was given a bottle of jelly beans, a bouquet of flowers and key-chain. Very generous of them, despite me not purchasing any cosmetics from them. It was our first visit to Pavilion and we dined at Dragon-I Restaurant where I had the abalone set. I have been to other major shopping malls in KL, namely, 1-Utama, KLCC Suria, The Curve, The Gardens Mall, Empire Shopping Gallery, Sunway Pyramid, amongst others.

If you plan to visit Canada, check out canadianvisaexpert

I just came back from KL, having stayed at the Hilton PJ hotel in Jalan Barat where the on-going project was just a stone’s throw away. I happened to be surfing the internet when I came upon this site canadianvisaexpert, where you can click on the link to find out more information on migrating and even visiting Canada which is touted to be full of natural beauty like waterfalls, see maple leaves during autumn and the best part is that it is not crowded unlike some major cities.

Canada is a beautiful country to stay and make a living. Singapore’s former premier’s daughter used to stay in Canada before coming back to head a medical department in a Singapore hospital. My dream is to visit Canada one day as I have been to many other countries for tour. Hence, it you want a hassle free visa application, just check out the link with a >> Youtube Video

Leaking gas tank causes shutdown along NSE

A leaking LPG tank on a trailer near the 310th kilometre between Tapah and Gopeng led to a temporary shutdown of both sides of the North-South Expressway (NSE), causing a 5km traffic jam.

The Tapah fire department said an LPG tank being hauled by a ­trailer along the NSE was dis­covered to be leaking the dangerously flammable gas.

According to the trailer driver, there were two safety valves on the tank which were leaking.

Fire department personnel, with the help of the police, closed both sides of the highway to allow the LPG tank to vent, as the safety valves could not be repaired.

A Hazmat team from Pasir Puteh together with fire brigades from Tapah, Gopeng, Kampar and Ipoh were involved in the clean-up operation, said Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia assistant superintendent Muhammad Shaznil Abd Thoher.

During the operation, water was sprayed to cool the gas so that it could be released into the air and to prevent it from seeping below.

As at 5pm, the emptying of the gas tank was completed and the highway was reopened soon after.

For safety reasons, drivers were directed to exit the highway at either Gopeng or Tapah to continue on their journey.

PLUS Corporate Communications deputy senior manager Iskandar Dzulkifli has also advised the public to avoid the Tapah and Gopeng inter­change to bypass the massive jam.

For the latest traffic updates, go to PLUSTrafik Twitter or call the PLUSLine at 1800-88-0000.