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Christmas Dinner at Matsuki

My second sister had done a review for The Star as a stringer at Matsuki along Cantonment Road and further up called Jalan Pemenang. Well, this Christmas, we had lunch there with their Christmas bento set for an affordable $35 and the bill came to about $271 for 7 persons with 10% discount for my sister. It was set in an old colonial single storey white bungalow with some parking spaces. The bento consists of mushrooms rolled with salmon and avocado, meat burger, chawan mushi, miso soup and some garnishings here and there with tea – hot or cold.

On boxing day, my niece celebrated her wedding at Rasa Sayang Hotel with about 5 tables for the guests after the tea ceremony. It started with 4 seasons platter, followed by crab’s meat soup without the sharks’ fins to save the dwindling population of sharks, and other 8-course-meal with dessert at the end. The food was not too bad but CRC is still better and value for money.

Merry Christmas 2015

I would like to wish everyone here a very merry Christmas. I just came back from a 1 night stay in Langkawi, flying there by Firefly where the flight was delayed by an hour from Penang to Langkawi. It was a last-minute decision and I book the hotel, airfare and car rental the night before we departed. We stayed at My Hotel for $210 per night with delicious buffet breakfast included. It was right smack in town center in Kuah where you can find all the shopping malls, banks and other outlets.

We bought lots of cashew nuts, pistachios, chocolate and a chocolate flavoured liquer, all for almost $300. I also bought 2 batik long housecoat pyjamas and my partner bought a very nice jeans-clothed haver sack with groovy metal trimmings.

Air Canada

My second sister who is out with her Caucasian British hubby from the United Kingdom had been to Canada before; but I have never been there and might like to check out Air Canada to book online and see the fabulous view of nature, the hanging flora and fauna and scenic mountains. It is either New Zealand or Canada which is high on my list of countries to visit next time. I love traveling and have been to 20 countries already including various parts of Europe. In fact, my 2 younger sisters have been to more countries that I have since I am always busy with work and traveling by car shuttling between Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Received 3 Boxes of Chocolates

Since my second sister came out from UK with her husband of 2 months, I received 3 boxes of chocolates from her plus a few other gifts. She is very generous but a spendthrift and her money disappears in no time. But she is blessed; people are willing to give her money for her entertaining company. She can be quite mischievous at times, but otherwise a pleasant person to be with. No matter what, I still prefer the company of my soulmate who really takes good care of me. We stay together in a small condo that is undergoing much refurbishment and new businesses moving in. Hopefully, this will increase the value of the condo towers and the residents are happy and curious at the same time of the future complete refurbishment.

Entered Purchase Receive Documents

Since the last few days, I have entered a total of 28 purchase receive documents for GST input tax claims from customs for the month of October and November. Since I have yet to receive the tax invoices for December which will most likely be early January, I can only key in in January 2016 and submit payment before the second week of January. Some of the figures don’t tally at all despite using Netiquette like the associate company of s hm which always has a difference of $3.60, giving out weird numbers that are totally different from Netiquette which is a cloud GST system. We have to pay $500 per year just to use Netiquette plus the services of a freelance accountant that comes to my home office to help out with the GST software and payment online.