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Was in Melaka

I set out for Melaka by car early this morning, waking up at 5am and set out by 5:30am. We stopped by a few rest and relax stopovers for breaks and small meals before the meeting today. Now I am back in USJ 19, Rhythm Avenue after having dinner of corn salad and mushroom soup with Earl Grey tea at Main Place. I discovered that there are only 2 flights to Melaka direct from Penang via Malindo airlines with only 2 flights per day. Since Air Asia, Firefly and Malindo’s flight schedules are not suitable for our meeting today, my partner decided to drive down instead and stay overnight until next week for another meeting to negotiate pricing with the boss flying down from India.

Flying to KL Tomorrow

I shall be flying to KL early tomorrow morning by Air Asia, arriving at KLIA at 8:00am. We will go for a site visit to a factory and then head over to Melaka by rented car to hand over the tender documents. This will take about 2 hours on the road just one way trip down to Melaka from KL. I booked and paid for the boarding passes online and web check in to print out the boarding passes for easier checking into the air port lounge. By the way, Air Asia may be cheaper but it has frequent delays, sometimes up to an hour to 4 or more. There are pros and cons of flying with Air Asia and with Firefly. Yesterday, we were busy preparing the tender documents for submission soon next week.


This is not a scam as many would have claimed but a rather legitimate site for investment. With technology and the internet, more and more people are doing business the online way ; from looking for a life partner, to doing business and working from a home office.

Just check out the site or google it to find out other reviews and others’ opinions to get a true picture of the company. I guess at the end of the day, you have to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. I do admit, there are many scams out there, and you need to be cautious. So, likewise, for this company, you also need to know the difference and take care of your hard earned money.

Stayed in Jen Hotel

Last Sunday, there was no electricity at my condo due to upgrade of hardware and we decided to stay in Jen Hotel nearby. It cost us $272 after taxes and service charge without breakfast. There is a club lounge for the club members room clients where there is free food for the taking. We walked across the road to Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue to watch Jungle Book movie and I had a quick dinner of 1 California Temaki just on the 5th floor of First Avenue shopping mall. My partner ordered 2 Green Latte from StarBucks on the ground floor with a smaller cup for me as part of our meal. We decided to stay in Jen Hotel as we always sleep with the air-con turned on every night. In this hot sweltering weather, it is difficult to sleep without electricity.

Was in Genting Awana a Few Days Ago

I was in KL for business and went down to Melaka and Johor before heading back to KL to stay for 1 night and then off, we went to Genting Awana Golf Resort Hotel to stay for a night. All the hotels right at the top of the mountain were fully booked, leaving only Awana still available midway to the top. The good thing is that it comes with breakfast for our superior deluxe room with 2 queen sized beds. Our room was relatively larger than the next room which looked rather cramped inside. Just opposite Genting Awana, there were major construction going on and perhaps they are building another hotel to cater to the increasing demands of the tourists. The number does not seem to abate despite lack of room freebies and breakfast in First World Hotel.

My Video of Disney on Ice: Under the Sea

Above is a snippet of Disney on Ice showcasing Under the Sea theme held recently at Penang’s very own SPICE. I uploaded the video to Youtube before meal and just came back from lunch and voila, it was 100% uploaded. Later on, have to input for GST after getting all the letters of tax invoices, etc. My spouse just attended All Souls Day with his relatives, cleaned up the graves of the departed, offered fruits, flowers, prayed, etc. The show lasted about 2 hours with 15 minutes intervals for rest room time. I bought a bag of pop corn for $35 that comes with a small cute blue Disney carrier bag that was put somewhere in the house. My spouse had just gone out again to meet up with a local potential client in a hotel.

Plane Take Off from Penang International Airport

Above is my video capture using my iPhone 6 of Firefly taking off from Penang International Airport. When the engines started to fire, it zoomed past very fast for some time before lift off. I have more videos to show but apparently the upload to computer from my iPhone is very slow due to limited storage on both my iPhone and the computer. On Friday, I will travel by car to Ipoh to meet up with a potential business client taking 2 hours on the road or less. Just the other day, I received a Singapore cheque for only a mere S$1.54 for royalty on my book and the charge for the transaction for the cheque to clear is RM 30 without including the postage. So, I might as well, don’t bank in and keep it.