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Volusion Hosting

I was browsing some websites this morning when I came across Volusion Hosting, a very affordable hosting plan that costs only USD 3.75 per month or RM 180 per month. I am currently paying RM 200 per month for my hosting and I thought it is quite reasonable. For this case, you even have unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic and 5 domain names hosted with multi-lingual control panel, etc.

Hence, for those who are looking for a hosting plan, look no further and try this one by clicking on the link to find out more information. The only thing they did not put up was 99.9% guarantee uptime which is very important to me.

Happy Easter Sunday


Yesterday was Good Friday and my youngest sister specially took half day leave to attend her church service from 2:30pm to 5pm together with my father to a Catholic church and then my mother went to her Methodist church at 7pm as she was the scripture reader. I did not attend my baptist church as I don’t know what time the service was or whether they have any service at all on Good Friday! It was the day Jesus was crucified on the cross and three days later, He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. The resurrection power of the cross destroyed the power of the Satan over mankind once and for all. It was the ultimate love shown on the cross for the Son of God to come down born as a babe on Christmas to die on the cross so that man can be re-united with our Almighty God.

I was surfing the website this morning when I chanced upon an interesting site known as You can just go and click on the link to find out more information. Basically, Andrea of Ayos Bai Group is selling brandnew Korea made premium copy OPPO V11 ROTATING CAMERA, amongst other products. This site also sells Gel Aloe Gamat that eliminates scars. There are also trendy fashion items to check out further.

What’s more? If you are an online worker like yours truly, there is a link for Part-Time Workers to Work Online. You can check out this job post by clicking on the link and read further. This is suitable for students who have to pay student fees, housewives with lots of free time and others. The pay is in Philippines pesos for your information.

Flying Down South

Tomorrow, my colleague and myself will be flying down via Firefly to KL, departing at 9:30am and arriving Subang Terminal Airport an hour later. There after, we shall rent Hertz which had been booked already to visit a potential client and then have lunch before going for a second interview at 4:30pm. Thereafter, we will have dinner and return the rented car and wait at Subang Airport for our flight home, departing at 8pm should there be no further delay. The return air flights from Penang to KL cost us $1,055 while the Hertz car rental was $288 for an auto proton saga. Last week, we also flew down just for a day for the first interview with the same company. Hope we get the project if it is God’s will.

Booked Disney on Ice next week at SPICE Penang


I just booked Disney on Ice 2016 in SPICE Arena, Penang on a Sunday, 27th March which is just next week. There are 3 shows per day. The 2 tickets with GST cost me RM 296.36 which is quite near to the front view and the third most expensive ones. Did not intend to pay too much for direct front view and prefer to watch from the top of the spectators’ seats for a top view. This is not the first time we are watching an ice skating performance. We have watched previous ones like Beauty and the Beast and now the theme is mostly on Frozen.


Tomorrow is my youngest sis’s birthday and we will celebrate in Fong Wei restaurant. Thereafter, there is a talk on M-Points at Penang Times Square for its members and those who are interested at 7pm. I joined as a member, having paid RM 4,500 or equivalent to USD 1k in this money game which is a bit like shares which can split its points, redeem for gifts at M Mall in Penang Times Square, and also go for overseas tours plus other features.

Came Back to Penang

I was in KL recently, having visited the Perfect International Ping Pong Championships near Acappella Hotel where we get to enter for free as guests. Our supplier from China installed the flooring for this match as we have bought materials in the past from them. My colleague was given a shaver while mine was a 100% blue silk shawl with nice flowery designs. We are treated lunch also at a KL club in a Chinese Restaurant. We visited 6-7 places including paying workers, collecting cheques, delivering materials, attending meetings, etc. This coming Sunday, we might just go to Kedah to meet up with a potential client and hopefully can confirm the project. Next week, on Wednesday, we might book Firefly tickets to fly down to KL to attend a meeting and return the same day. We also have to rent a car for the trip down to KL

Going Down South Tomorrow Morning

This year is a leap year with Feb 29 yesterday which occur every 4 years. So for leap year babies, celebrating their 16th Birthday would mean they are 64 on that day. Tomorrow, I shall be heading to KL in the morning for business. I am just a silent partner in this business, and do all the computer work in the background. I hardly attend meetings and even if I do, my business partner does most of the presentation and talking as he is the one who created the product and knows it inside out. He is a civil engineer by training while I am in computer technology. At a ripe old age of 65, he drives down to KL from Penang while taking short breaks to the restroom in Tapah rest and relax pit stops and in Bukit Merah. I guess I am still lucky to be employed for the last 13 years by the same company to work in a home office with EPF and SOCSO.