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Sick with Flu

I have been sick since 11 March 2016 until today! That was my sister’s birthday when we met up for Chinese dinner at Sri Bahari Road and she passed her sickness or flu to me since I was seated beside her! I had seen the same doctor twice already and finished my course of anti-biotics the first round. Dr Lim gave me 3-4 types of medicine for phlegm, sore throat and chesty cough. I really don’t know when the flu will heal itself and get rid of. I even tried sleeping even more to recover; but then again, I have to type quotations and email to clients and reply enquiries. Thank goodness, I work from a home office, so taking MC is not an issue.

Homestay Melaka

Sebagai pelancong, saya selalu pergi ke merata rata tempat di Malaysia dan juga di luar negeri. Saya juga kerap pergi ke Kuala Lumpur setiap minggu untuk business. Saya pun telah pergi ke Melaka melalui kereta dan jika anda ingin melancong Melaka, sila semak atau check out Homestay Melaka, di hyperlink di post ini dan baca lebih matlumat untuk homestay di Melaka.

Tinggal beberapa hari di Homestay patutlah lebih murah berbanding dengan hotel yang lebih mahal. Lagipun, ada lebih freedom seperti boleh memasak makanan sendiri dan pergi jalan-jalan di tempat yang berdekatan. Homestay semakin lebih popular di kalangan pelancong yang ingin menjimatkan bajet mereka yang sedia ada.

Sila klik hyperlink di atas dan back lebih lanjut lagi jikalau anda ada di Melaka.

Let’s Invest in

I joined this company about 4 months ago and invested around $500 and I managed to withdraw $700, more than my initial principle invested. This company is based in the UK with the address below: office address:
Compass House, Vision Park,
Chivers Way, Histon Cambridge,
United Kingdom, CB24 9AD

If you like to know more, you can register with my link here >>

Alternatively, you can also click here >>

The site is well developed and looks legitimate to me.

Flowers Time


Here is a myriad of flowers with splashes of colours, like an artist’s palette of colours, neatly arranged in anticipation of the queen and also for the opening of M Mall, placed near the entrance and beside the spa that is about to open on the ground floor. The bouquets do not look cheap and they consist of a repertoire of various flowers with different colours and types all set up together on a stand.


Above is another photo for your eye candy. It certainly is refreshing to see God’s natural creations put together for an important function such as this. I love flowers and will never fail to take loads of photos of them in different shots. Hence I quickly snap up these photos before the flowers dry up, wither and look brownish.


And while you are here, enjoy the snapshots that I have taken using my iPhone 6 which has a very good camera function. One can just easily share the pictures via email and save into your computer for further editing like adding my trademark blog name, resizing, etc.

Queen coming to grace the opening ceremony

The Malaysian queen is coming tomorrow to M Mall, Penang Times Square to grace the opening ceremony at 9:00am. Since I no longer attend the local baptist church due to politics, I might just go downstairs and watch the opening ceremony myself the see in ‘permaisuri agong’ in person. Tomorrow, dad is also celebrating is belated birthday at Soon Lai around 7pm. It had been postponed for some time due to unavailability of some of us due to work. The food there is cheaper and tastier, with many patrons dining there occupying almost all the tables. This speaks volumes of the popularity of the restaurant. Just pray and hope that my money in cpf can be taken out soon.

Met Singapore Church Friend

My best friend had to go back to Johor to attend his father-in-law’s funeral today and his mother-in-law’s funeral was just 2 weeks ago. So, I am alone at the condo. Well, my Singapore church friend called up out of the blue and we decided to meet at his brother’s hardware shop in Times Square and together, we had dinner at Food Gallery – just 2 of us. It had been some years already since we last met up as she had to go back to Singapore to work and we lost contact since then. Through Facebook, we managed to get in touch again and I have learnt that she is now intentionally unemployed doing missions works. Her 4S HDB flat had been fully paid off since she worked for DBS for 18 years and another 16 years for IBM. Not bad for someone who comes from a single parent family when her father passed on prematurely.

Stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hotel for free from yesterday afternoon and checked out today using the Elite Voucher. It so happened that there was a HomeDec exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and I managed to collect a few recycle bags after registering my details. After that I went back to rest and went for a free buffet dinner using the voucher as well. Took cold flower crabs and scallops, some sticks of chicken satay with peanut gravy and some dessert. We also managed to redeem another voucher for a bottle of free Merlot Chile wine and 9 chocolate pralines and a small chocolate cake using the vouchers as well.