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Why You Should Try Ming Garden Restaurant, Penang at Least Once


Ming Garden Restaurant is situated in Phase 1 of Penang Times Square on the second floor. Every week, it is fully packed with diners due to Chinese Weddings, and you’d be lucky to get a table for walk-in patrons. Above is ‘kailan’, a Chinese name for Chinese kale or Chinese broccoli, cooked in 2 styles – One is julianned and fried with salted fish and small prawns, the other is stir-fried in garlic.


Above is a large grouper, steamed with scallion sauce and garnished with spring onions. This dish alone cost RM 156, which I think is way too pricey, but then again groupers are supposedly more costly compare to other fishes like pomfret, etc. This fish was very fresh, straight from the water tank, gut removed and into the cooking wok.


This is 5 seasons consisting of stir-fried baby squids in sweet-sour savoury onions, deep-fried soft shelled crabs, mocked prawns and fried real prawns. Another dish is the green peas stir-fried with scallops, button mushrooms, carrots and ginger. It was delicious with 5 varieties of dishes. The cold platter was around RM 60 which should be affordable for Singaporeans due to the exchange rate.


The last dish was braised ee-fu noodles with very little crab meat and some ‘shitake’ black mushrooms and vegetables on the sides. It came in a big serving, so we had to take away and pack some back. There were 5 of us and Ming Garden Restaurant is the biggest Chinese Restaurant in Penang co-owned by Bali Bali Seafood and Fong Wei Restaurant.

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