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Classic Teddy Cafe at 1st Avenue Mall


Classic Teddy Cafe recently opened on the 4th level of 1st Avenue Mall in Penang. It is a British establishment with a teddy bear theme. This photo was taken at the entrance with the famous UK soldier with a tall black hat and rifle in red blazer and black pants. It is located opposite Sakae Sushi and near the rest rooms. The place was left vacant for some time until it was refurbished for the new cafe.


For starters, I ordered mushroom soup for RM 10 per bowl that comes with thick gravy and chopped button mushrooms and perhaps some black shitake mushrooms and soup cream outlining a teddy bear face. I also had Earl Grey tea in a cute teddy bear designed mug while my friend ordered strawberry smoothie topped with whipped cream in a clear container.

The mushroom soup tasted delicious with plenty of mushrooms flavour in a thick soup. The Earl Grey Tea was just right and I had a sip of the strawberry smoothie that was pleasant and sweet.


For the mains, I had pan-fried seabass with florets of broccoli and carrots on the sides. There was a scoop of mashed potato drizzled with gravy together with the seabass that came in a big portion. My friend had barbecued chicken breast with the same vegetables on the side.

I think the seabass would have tasted better with a slice of lemon to squeeze out the juice for that extra kick and more sauce like lemon butter or even thousand island. As it was quite new, except for another table and our table, the rest of the place was empty, perhaps due to its pricey selections.

Software to Upload your Computer Files

There is a paid software that is user-friendly for uploading images and files to your website or blog. It is called Ipswitch WS-FTP 12. FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol which is a set of rules. On the left side of the window of this software when executed, are your computer files while on the right side, are your website files if you selected the correct folder. Different hosting companies have different locations of your main file which is index.htm or index.php. Some of these files are located in the public folder of HTML. It is recommended that you create a separate folder called ‘Images’ to store all your image files with ending extentions like .gif, .png, .jpg, .tif, etc.

This is to separate the image files from the html files or php files. HTML is an abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language which is a set of tags to control the layout and look of your website pages. I have had experience developing websites for clients worldwide during my freelancing days way back in 2001 before taking up a full time job as an IT executive for a local sports surfacing company. Well, these are just my 2 cents of computer tips for your information. Till next time, Enjoy!

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