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Doing Your Best

Doing your Best

Dr S.L.Tan has the same moniker as me, except that he has a PhD and called Victor while I am Diana Tan S.L. Credit should go to him for authoring the book, “The Secret of Change” which got into the Malaysian Book of Records as the first motivation book in poem. Below is his inspiring poem:


Choose to be the best,
in a field to better than the rest.
Believe it to be a worthwhile conquest.
Be willing to take the test,
endure the stress.

When you are hard-press,
discipline yourself at the work desk.
Do whatever it takes to achieve progress,
take it all as part of a contest.
In the journey to achieve success,
being the best is not what you profess.
The true mark is when others attest.

To be the best,
have a passion on a quest,
which you work with zest,
where every motion is a fest,
every moment a great fun, no less,
in the process to reach the crest,
is not working without rest,
or engaging others in wrest.
Remember how to de-stress,
laugh often and indulge in jest.
At work, put on some jazz,
Whistle to the beat to achieve your best.

Facebook Heartgard Your Pet

Little Leia’s winning photo appeared on the sponsor’s Facebook page, Heartgard your Pet recently. I am so proud of her. Just a 2.5-month old puppy at that point in time, and already a prize winner. My sister’s fren said, “Cut her hair, looks like teddy bear!” I was shocked. Poms are supposed to have thick furry body and they think they are bigger than they actually are. Unlike Poodles where you cut the hair regularly, Pomeranians don’t need such grooming and the longer the fur, the better they look when they are adult size.

There is nothing more soothing than the licking of your feet by your pet or sleeping by your slippers and following you everywhere. When it was born and weaned for a few months, and thereafter, it was separated from its mom and dad. Hence it is like an orphan to be taken care of by human ‘parents’. Sometimes, I get a little annoyed that Leia has become too playful and bite my calve which is rather painful while I work by the computer. So, it gets a little discipline and left alone in the room.

She craves for human company and loves to be massaged. She understands the commands like ‘Sit’, ‘Paw’, ‘In’ and ‘Go Away’. To some, she can do no wrong – that’s the love one has for his/her pooch.

Ringgit Lower Against the US$

Ringgit Lower Against the US$

The ringgit was lower against the US dollar Tuesday morning as the greenback bounced back from its lowest level in more than a year, lifted by stronger-than-expected readings on the US economy, dealers said.

At 9 am(0100gmt), the local unit stood at 4.2810/2850 against the greenback compared with Monday’s close of 4.2760/2800.

A dealer said the US dollar inched up Monday as US manufacturing and services flash surveys both showed the US economy was performing better-than-expected.

However, investors remained cautious on developments concerning possible ties between Russia and aides to US President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the ringgit was traded higher against other major currencies.

It appreciated marginally against the Singapore dollar to 3.1411/1452 from Monday’s 3.1413/1459 and rose against the Japanese yen to 3.8467/8513 from 3.8620/8663 Monday.

The local unit gained against the British pound to 5.5717/5774 from 5.5750/5815 on Monday and improved against the euro to 4.9814/9877 from 4.9841/9896, Monday.

Dog Loves Camera Part 2

Above was a snap shot of yesterday’s The Star on 23rd July 2017 entitled Dog Loves Camera. My Pom, Leia was featured right at the top at No. 2. Should you have any pooch or pet dog, you can also enter this contest with details below, where 3 winners are chosen each month.

Good news for Dog lovers! Send in your cutest pooch photo (1MB) – originals only – along with a catchy caption (not more than 10 words to win products worth more than RM 200. Three winners will be selected each month.

Email your pet’s name, body weight, age and your contact details to admin@frontlinevipclub.com. Winners will be notified via email or phone. Judges’ decision is final. Winners photos will be uploaded to Heartgard Your Pet Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/HeartgardYourPet.

Prizes sponsored by Frontline Heartgard.

Hence, if you have a pet dog or pooch, then good luck to your submission should you be interested.

Dog Loves Camera

Above was one of the winning shot emailed to The Star for “Dog Loves Camera” contest that will appear in the press tomorrow Sunday.

Below is the email that I received.

Dear Diana,

Congratulations that you become one of our winners for Dog Talk Column in The Star2 (will Publish on this Sunday 23 July 2017).
Kindly confirm your details and address below so that we can courier the prize to you. (within 4 weeks).
Please also find your picture later in Heartgard Your Pet Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HeartgardYourPet ) (we will post it after the publication of The Star)

Caption: Am I cute? I’m still a pup!

Pet’s name: Leia
Body weight: 0.8 kg
Age: 2.5 months

The prize is 4 packets of pet kibbles that will guard her heart for longevity. It will also appear on Facebook.

Here is the side view of Leia (as in Princess Leia)

Below is a short video of her eating her treat.

Malaysian Jun Hoong bags gold at World Aquatics Championships

PETALING JAYA: National diver Cheong Jun Hoong (pic) claimed a truly stunning win in the women’s 10m platform individual final at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Jun Hoong became the nation’s first ever diving world champion after chalking 397.50 points to come out tops in a starry final field of 12 participants on Wednesday evening.

Jun Hoong, a surprise entry for the individual platform, was ranked fourth after the first two dives but moved to the top spot and never looked back after that.

It was an unexpected comeback for Jun Hoong considering she was the seventh ranked diver in the final based on the results from the semi-finals stage.

Victory was certainly sweet for the 28-year-old from Perak, who had partnered Pandelela Rinong to take bronze in the women’s 10m platform synchro on Sunday.

Not only did she win Malaysia’s first-ever diving gold medal at the world championships but Jun Hoong beat two top Chinese divers — Si Yajie and Ren Qian.

Si Yajie, the world champion in 2013 and the Rio Olympics silver medallist, settled for silver with 396.00 points.

Ren Qian, the reigning Olympic champion, got the bronze with 391.95 points.

Defending champion Kim Kuk-hyang was sixth with 360.00 points.

Pandelela, who got bronze in the event at the previous edition in Kazan, Russia two years ago, managed ninth place (322.40).

HyppTV Carnival @ Sunway Pyramid – Come and Join Us!

I received an email today of the happening event starting today at Sunway Pyramid of HyppTV Carnival by Telekom Malaysia. Since I am in KL now, I might just drop by sometime this week. It looks to be a fun and awesome time at the Orange Concourse of Sunway Pyramid, which is near my small condo.

There is also meet and greet your local artists as shown above. Since Malaysia is a majority Malay country, it looks like the artists are all Malays to cater to the local crowd. What’s more, check below.

You can also get to meet funnyman, Mr Bean or most probably his lookalike and puss in boots characters, amongst others. There is also the ‘harimau’ or tiger mascot for KL 2017 games.

As for me, now is to work and update the quotation and work for as long as all night if necessary, so that tomorrow is visiting time at the above happening event.