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Facebook Heartgard Your Pet

Little Leia’s winning photo appeared on the sponsor’s Facebook page, Heartgard your Pet recently. I am so proud of her. Just a 2.5-month old puppy at that point in time, and already a prize winner. My sister’s fren said, “Cut her hair, looks like teddy bear!” I was shocked. Poms are supposed to have thick furry body and they think they are bigger than they actually are. Unlike Poodles where you cut the hair regularly, Pomeranians don’t need such grooming and the longer the fur, the better they look when they are adult size.

There is nothing more soothing than the licking of your feet by your pet or sleeping by your slippers and following you everywhere. When it was born and weaned for a few months, and thereafter, it was separated from its mom and dad. Hence it is like an orphan to be taken care of by human ‘parents’. Sometimes, I get a little annoyed that Leia has become too playful and bite my calve which is rather painful while I work by the computer. So, it gets a little discipline and left alone in the room.

She craves for human company and loves to be massaged. She understands the commands like ‘Sit’, ‘Paw’, ‘In’ and ‘Go Away’. To some, she can do no wrong – that’s the love one has for his/her pooch.