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Doing Your Best

Doing your Best

Dr S.L.Tan has the same moniker as me, except that he has a PhD and called Victor while I am Diana Tan S.L. Credit should go to him for authoring the book, “The Secret of Change” which got into the Malaysian Book of Records as the first motivation book in poem. Below is his inspiring poem:


Choose to be the best,
in a field to better than the rest.
Believe it to be a worthwhile conquest.
Be willing to take the test,
endure the stress.

When you are hard-press,
discipline yourself at the work desk.
Do whatever it takes to achieve progress,
take it all as part of a contest.
In the journey to achieve success,
being the best is not what you profess.
The true mark is when others attest.

To be the best,
have a passion on a quest,
which you work with zest,
where every motion is a fest,
every moment a great fun, no less,
in the process to reach the crest,
is not working without rest,
or engaging others in wrest.
Remember how to de-stress,
laugh often and indulge in jest.
At work, put on some jazz,
Whistle to the beat to achieve your best.