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Had a Stroll at KOMTAR Walk

This morning, after an early lunch of dim sum, I walked up the stairs to KOMTAR to enjoy the view of new restaurants, moving display of pictures and photos on LED ceiling lights, took a break at Marry Brown empty seats and just absorb the colourful sights and cafeterias along both sides of the aisle. There was a huge display of durian that greeted us near the entrance. Durian is supposedly the ‘king of fruits’ in Malaysia with its pungent flavour and fragrance. It is an acquired taste; otherwise foreigners will think it smells like used socks, according to then President Obama, during his trip to Malaysia sometime back.

I was mesmerised by a colourful ‘parade’ of people in Samba-like costumes walking along the KOMTAR Walk aisle and took the opportunity to snap a photo for lifetime memory and posterity here in this blog. You cannot miss the colourful ostrich feathers of red, blue, green, yellow and the like. A Marilyn Monroe look alike and Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean lookalike was there too as eye candy. I guess I was lucky to have this opportunity with the small group to attract tourists such as myself and friend, albeit being locals. Can you find me carrying a placard that says, “I love To The Top, KOMTAR?”

The above photo was taken at ‘Japanese Street’, fully adorned with the signature pink cherry blossoms, local to Japan and its sushi outlets selling Japanese ice-cream and of course, sushi. There was also a Rolls Royce on display at the foyer; I don’t know why it is there in the first place and it was not even offered for a lucky draw. But the model is old compared to my uncle’s Phantom in Singapore that has sleeker style and more chic.

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