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Happy Valentine’s Day

Some marriages break down due to financial difficulties, incompatibility, hot-temperedness, and a host of other issues – relevant or irrelevant. If I do get married some day to someone special, I hope it will last forever and not just a lifetime. There is life after death and it is better to be with someone who is totally single and unattached. Married men with double spouses can cause complications and in-laws are also a main cause! Just because someone is computer literate and you are NOT, you want to put down the other person due to this status, in order to elevate yourself and look like a heroine! That’s why cancer festers in you due to so much hatred and revenge!

Anyway, enough of rantings on this special day! I got myself a gift online from a store paid by someone special. I think we are of the same frequency and understand each other. The current relationship is a sham. It is only a matter of time before it falls apart. There are just too many complications and embarassments in public that makes it toxic. I may be financially well provided, because I work hard while the estranged wife gets paid thousands for doing nothing. Such is the complexity of this 3 way relationship plus bankruptcy status! This person is very insecure and makes himself look good by teaching others through the Whatsapp family group!

Anyway, I am delighted of my gift and wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day!