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The Success Indicator

The Success Indicator

Time and again, there are repeats of similarities of successful people versus unsuccessful ones or self-made millionaires vs poor people and such. The infographics above summarizes everything and compares trait by trait for the successful people versus the unsuccessful ones. Right at the top, the character trait is to compliment others while the other side is to criticize others. It is so close to the home of someone that I know having all these negative traits and being too possessive. There are no intelligent social conversations, other than to gossip or talk of others and their weaknesses. If you double click on the infographic above, you can see al the summary which I won’t mention all of them in this blog post.

Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words. Successful people also easily forgive others while the unsuccessful ones hold a grudge and easily envy others while trying to bring them down to their level of failure. Successful people have a sense of gratitude while the other side has a sense of entitlement!

Successful people read every day, while the unsuccessful people watch tv everyday. In short, rich people have a large library, while poor people have a large tv. Successful people develop goals and plans while the unsuccessful ones do not know what they want to do and do not set goals and secretly hope others fail.

Okay, I can go on and on, but I have to stop here and you can see more details in the infographics, as done by MetEdge, LLC.

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