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Blessed Wherever You Are

Blessed Wherever You Are

“Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the country.
Deuteronomy 28:3


You may have heard of people who think that to have better “luck,” they have to move to a new home, work for a certain company or even migrate to another country.

The truth is that it is not the place that gets you the blessings, but whether God’s blessing is on you. And for you, child of God, you are already blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus (see Ephesians 1:3). He has paid for your blessings with His blood. So the blessing is not on the land but on the man!

It was in the city of Jerusalem that Jesus was whipped, cursed and spat on. And it was outside the city on Calvary’s hill that He was pierced and crucified. That is why you are blessed in the city as well as outside in the country! In fact, you are blessed regardless of your location.

Perhaps you work in a non-Christian company and your boss doesn’t quite like you. In fact, he sometimes mistreats you. But God can still bless you in spite of your boss. You get blessed because you believe God for it. It has nothing to do with your boss or the company.

Why then don’t you seem to see the blessings?

My friend, if you don’t see the blessings, check what you have been believing and saying. Some people complain and blame everyone and everything around them—their parents, race, gender, environment and government—for their lack of blessings. Beloved, I want you to believe and confess that you are blessed because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, not because you are of a certain race or work in a certain place.

It does not matter where you work or live, what color your skin is or what you do for a living. If God blesses you, you are blessed! And it is all because of Jesus. So say to yourself, “I am blessed wherever I am—blessed in the city, blessed in the country!”

– Joseph Prince

Ghee Contract Manufacturing or Ghee Private Label

I came across the wonders of ghee initially when I first began out by myself for personal pursuit of optimal digestive wellness. I’ve been utilizing it let’s focus on around five years these types of its long shelf existence, dietary benefits, and amazing culinary versatility; it’s almost totally replaced using butter and lots of other cooking oils within my home. For more information on ghee contract manufacturing, visit our website today!

Historic routes

People in the western world might be less acquainted with ghee, and it is lovely dietary profile because it originated from South Asia. Ghee continues to be an essential staple in Indian cuisine for hundreds of years as well as in Asian cultures it’s famous because of its healing characteristics. Ghee isn’t just advantageous for your system but also for your brain. It’s one among the critical foods for safeguarding and adding nourishment to the healthiness of your skin, in addition to maintaining proper digestion and mental clearness.

Dietary composition and highlights

Ghee contains a mix of both saturated and unsaturated fats and includes short-chained fats which make it simple to digest. It’s incredibly wealthy in butyric acidity, a brief-chain essential fatty acid that’s advantageous in assisting in keeping the healthiness of cells that line the gastrointestinal tract. Ghee can also be wealthy in antioxidants, contains conjugated linoleic acidity and it is an excellent resource of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

3 Tips about how to select a high-quality Ghee:

Ghee is instantly obtainable in most supermarkets and nutrition stores now, however now you ask,, how can you start picking one that’s top quality? Here are a couple of tips which I feel are fundamental when choosing high quality ghee.

1. Make sure you browse the label and discover the next:

Where’s it created – Could it be a nearby organic dairy farm?

Possess the cow’s been grass given?

Were they given love and attention?

Has got the butter been typically churned and it is it certified organic?

Are there more ingredients added – colors, flavors, and preservatives, etc.?

2. Involve your senses when creating your decision:

Exactly what does it smell of – is there a wealthy, sweet, nutty aroma?

What’s the texture like – could it be blissfully creamy having a slightly grainy texture?

What’s the color like – Could it be an attractive, wealthy golden color?

Precisely what does it taste like – Could it be full of flavor?

3. What’s the packaging like:

Ghee ought to be packaged in glass jars to make sure that there aren’t any nasty chemicals from plastics or cans leaching into the ghee in the packaging.

For me, milk products which have been created from creatures that graze on eco-friendly organic pastures ought to always be the consumer’s priority, because the nutrient profile and health advantages of these goods are far superior then individuals that aren’t.


Ghee consists almost entirely of fat so that it does not require any refrigeration. Additionally, it includes a considerably longer shelf existence than butter. It’s best stored at 70 degrees inside an awesome, dark place from direct heat and lightweight. Once opened up it always includes a shelf existence close to 12 several weeks. A jar of ghee is lucky to last around 3-4 days within my house.

Cooking with ghee:

Ghee is mainly utilized as a cooking fat. We have a very high smoke point (around 480 degrees F), which makes it an excellent option for frying with because it does not burn quickly. Also, ghee is amazingly versatile – much more than you most likely understand. I use it regularly for an additional:

roasting spuds along with other root vegetables like parsnips and beets

whipping in the odd curry

a butter substitute when baking cakes

drizzling over popcorn

mixing with garlic clove and parsley to make gluten-free garlic clove bread

sautéing vegetables

making scrambled eggs

as well as distributing on my small toast after I have exhaust butter!

How’s our ghee made?

Our Ghee is made of small batches of typically churned quality British butter and cooked gradually for six to eight hrs to rid it associated with impurities. This produces pure ghee having a lovely scent and color. There aren’t any added flavorings, preservative or colorings.

Are ghee lactose and casein free?

I have started to the outcome that ghee might or might not be appropriate for those who are lactose and casein intolerant. I’ve some buddies who are fine by using it yet others that can’t tolerate it whatsoever. Individuals must determine on their own if ghee is appropriate on their behalf or otherwise. The majority of the lactose and casein is taken away throughout the manufacturing process, yet it’s entirely possible that small amounts can always stay in some commercially created products. Therefore people who are incredibly sensitive may react when eating ghee and really should, therefore, most likely cure it. If you’re highly responsive to milk proteins and experience digestive upset and respiratory system problems, you will want to select ghee which has had the majority of the milk solids removed or even better it’s most likely better to make your personal.

Making your ghee is simple. I’ve carried this out a few occasions now also it labored out wonderfully. It could be an extended process so you will need to maintain the atmosphere as well as be ready to stay inside for many hrs. Want to know more about ghee private label? Visit our website for more information.

Organic Ghee or clarified butter created Fresh for free range grass given cows

Organic Ghee or clarified butter continues to be recognized and sought after by Ayurveda, the traditional medical science Asia. Placed towards the top of the oily foods list, Ghee is regarded as a crucial part of the balanced diet.

How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money

How to start a craft business that actually makes money

Have you ever wondered how to start a craft business? This post is for you – it’s packed full of tips and tricks to help you start a craft business today!

Do you love to make crafts?

Could you spend hours upon hours covered in glue and glitter?

Are you interested in learning how to start a craft business of your own?

Welcome, you’re in the right place!

I’ve been a crafter since the beginning of time (well, my time anyway) and I have a wide variety of crafting skills from applique to scrapbooking.

I’m a “jane of all trades” when it comes to crafts, and I’m happy to say that I love working with all mediums (at least those I’ve tried!).

Crafting is so much fun, why stick with just one thing?

As you know, I’ve been running my own business for ten years, and throughout those years I’ve mostly stuck with stationery and paper goods.

What can I say? I’ve got a love of paper.

However, I’ve also dipped my toes into some other craft businesses including soap making, candy making, and even some woodworking.

I’ve sold artwork, photographs and once, I tried to sell a few sewing projects…but I’ve not very good at it!

I’ve tried out a lot of things over the years and even though some of my businesses have “floated down the river,” I’ve learned A LOT about how to start a craft business.

So, today I’m taking you from idea to bank account, and I’m going to teach you how to start a craft business that you will love! I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for creating a company that you can be proud of sharing with the world.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

How to Start a Craft Business

How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 5

What Will You Sell?

This is by far the hardest question of them all to answer when you are starting a craft business. What can you sell that people will want to buy?

It’s a tough one, and unfortunately, there is no straight answer. People buy strange things. What might seem unusual to you might seem totally off the wall to me.

So, the real question isn’t what will people buy, but what are YOU good at making?

What do you enjoy creating that you can see yourself doing over and over and over and over and over again?

When you have the answer to that question, you’ll know what to sell. Because if you can show passion in your work, no matter what it is, then, people will buy it. You have to prove to people that your product is so special to you, that it has to be unique to them, too. And then, they’ll not only buy it, but they’ll also beg for it.

Don’t create a hodgepodge of crafts! Take the time to figure out where you want to fit in the craft world. I’m not saying you need to choose a single product and stick to it forever, but consider starting with a specific category.

For example, my business is stationery and paper goods, but that doesn’t mean I’m limited to just paper products. It just says that I should stick with products for the home and office. My customer base would think I’m crazy if I started selling underwear.

Take some time and think about what you want to make and what you want to sell.

How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 6

Where Will You Buy Materials?

Once you’ve considered what you will sell, it’s time to make a list of materials. Don’t go rushing to your local craft store and buy a bunch of junk!

Take the time, sit down and write out a list of all the materials you need to start a craft business in the field you’ve chosen.

For example, if you’ve chosen to make t-shirts, you’ll need:

  1. t-shirts
  2. design software
  3. printer
  4. heat press

After you’ve written out your list of materials, start looking for discounts and coupons from your favorite craft stores.

Don’t rush out and buy wholesale, but buy smart! Start small and work your way up to buying your materials in bulk quantities.


How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 7

Where Will You Sell Your Crafts?

Do you plan to start a craft business online or will you be selling your wares locally?

If you are going to sell online, I highly recommend you get your start with Etsy. I’ve been selling there for over ten years, and I love every minute of it.

Of course, you could always sell your crafts on eBay or Craigslist, as well, but I think Etsy is the better choice.

Call me bias, but I make a decent income there every month, and I’m terrible at marketing. If it weren’t for the Etsy search, I wouldn’t have half the sales.

If selling your wares locally is your thing, then start researching craft shows, flea markets, farmers markets and fairs and festivals in your area.

Most of these events will have a website or at the least a Facebook page. Find the contact info for vendors and sign up to start selling.


How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 9

What Licenses Does Your Type of Business Require?

I can’t help you much here, but most states require you to have at least a peddler’s license and a sales tax id number of selling your goods.

Go to your state’s website and research what licenses and permits are required for your type of business.


How to Start a Craft Business that Actually Makes Money 8

What Type of Marketing Will You use to Tell People About Your Craft Business?

There are so many ways to market your business, why limit yourself to just one! But, when you’re just starting, it’s understandable that your marketing budget will be small – very small – probably zero.

You might also like:

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Instead of blowing all your money on some crazy marketing scheme, get the word out by word of mouth, create a press release for your local paper, start a blog and tell the world on social media.

When your craft business takes off, then you can consider spending a little bit of money on Facebook ads, Pinterest Ads and a crazy television commercial. But, for now, save your money.

Through this, you’ll have a basic understanding of how to start a craft business, regardless of your specialty. It’s a lot of work, my friends.

Some of it isn’t fun, there are days when you’ll want to run, screaming, toward the mountains or something, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Honestly, working for yourself, watching something that you create come to fruition? There is no better feeling.

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Nothing Shall by Any Means Hurt You

Nothing shall by any means hurt you

Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Luke 10:19


Years ago, while traveling on a domestic flight in the United States, I was seated next to a woman whose whole body was tense with fear. Concerned, I asked if I could help her in any way. Between sobs, she told me about her fear of flying. I told her, “Don’t worry. I am on board. Nothing will happen to the plane.” I did not say it with pride. I said it knowing that the Lord was on board the plane with me and that I would have a safe journey because He has promised that “nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

Once, when Jesus was in the boat with his disciples, He told them, “Let us cross over to the other side” (Mark 4:35). Believing that they would cross over to the other side, He fell asleep in the stern. A great storm arose, but it could not rouse Him from His sleep, only the cries of His terrified disciples did. They had forgotten what Jesus had said about them crossing over to the other side. They had also forgotten that with Jesus in the boat with them, there was no possibility of them going down. Nothing could by any means hurt them because Jesus was with them.

Even being thrown into a fiery furnace could not hurt three young Hebrew men because they believed that God would deliver them. They had proclaimed to the heathen King Nebuchadnezzar, “Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us from your hand, O king” (Daniel 3:17). And in the midst of their fiery trial, their deliverer not only walked with them in the fire, but He also delivered them from all harm. King Nebuchadnezzar even said, “Look! I see four men lose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God” (Daniel 3:25).

Beloved, in the midst of your storm or fiery trial, because Jesus is with you, nothing shall by any means hurt you!

– Joseph Prince

English Course 3

Whenever you take an English course that will help you discover the language, regardless of your actual age, you need to start at the start. Being an adult, it may seem that it’s silly to understand rhymes and songs in English, but this can be an extremely effective method of understanding the language. Should you take a look at what going for an online for a free course in English entails, you will find that you will find flashcards, practice sheets for grammar and quizzes, word games and much more. They can help you enhance your grasp from the English language. For more information on bakırköy ingilizce kursu, visit our website today!

Listening is among the most significant methods for understanding the language since it is insufficient just so that you can read the word what. Through listening exercises, you can study the right pronunciation from the words, how accents on various areas of the language alter the meaning and the way to string phrases and words together to create sentences. You’ll be able to practice saying these words, so you enhance your pronunciation and then speak the word what more fluently.

On learning sites, you will find sources for individuals of numerous different languages to assist them in learning English. For instance, there might be a piece dedicated to The Chinese understanding the language, online activities for native Korean loudspeakers as well as an American English audio course. With the online dictionary, you can translate words out of your language into English allowing you to have specific phrases and words that you would like to understand.

Even though it is required for English learners to begin at the start, additionally they need instruction in other locations, so they don’t lose interest in using the course. Because of this, you will find news articles that you could pay attention to in English which use simple phrases and words that may help you to know this is from the articles far better. By studying this content by yourself and hearing them being read with a native English speaker, you’ll be able to acknowledge the various types of punctuation. For instance, many languages convey a question mark at the outset of the sentence, during English this comes in the finish. Knowing using speech marks can also be important so that you can know when articles are quoting the precise words of the speaker.

A course in English should guide you through all of the fundamental rules of grammar. This requires using short conversations you’ll use when talking. The discussions are printed on the screen, and you may pay attention to them also. You’ll be able to browse the phrases aloud and check out repeating them without searching in the screen. Each lesson includes a key objective, for example, learning using subject pronouns – I, you, me, we – along with other essential words. Then there’s instruction regarding the various from the subject under study, just like you were attending an acting class. Finally, you will find an exercise you complete around the lesson in which you enter in the correct answer and also the site corrects it for you suggesting how good you scored. Want to know more about bakırköy ingilizce kursları? Visit our website for more information.

God’s Super Abounding Grace for You

God's super abounding grace for you

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.
2 Corinthians 9:8


If you were in the same synagogue as the man with the withered hand (see Luke 6:6–11), how would you see him and what do you think you would say to him?

Jesus was preaching in that synagogue when He saw the man with the withered hand. But He also saw super abounding grace around that hand for healing and wholeness. He sees differently from us. He sees the invisible. He sees that the kingdom of God is here, ever-present in any situation, with super abundant supply. We see only the visible, which is tangible, temporal and which seems so real to us.

But Jesus saw super abounding grace on that withered hand for healing because you do not tell a man with a withered hand, “Stretch out your hand,” unless you see the supply, the super abundance for wholeness for that hand. Jesus called forth the superabounding grace to envelop that man’s withered hand, and the hand was made whole.

It is possible for someone who is sick to have super abounding grace on him and yet that super abundance of grace does not heal his body. That is because he keeps acknowledging the lack or the problem he sees. He is more concerned with that which is visible and temporal.

Instead of calling forth, and acknowledging and confessing the super abundance of God’s grace, he confesses his negative circumstance all the time. So even though the super abounding grace is there, it is there in vain. Isn’t that sad?

Jesus called forth life, and life sprang into visibility. We must call forth what we want to see. Say, “Father, I thank You that right now, though my health is under attack, there is super abounding grace available for my healing and health. I call it forth and receive it now in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

My friend, don’t be conscious of what you see lacking or missing. Be conscious of God’s superabounding grace for you and avail yourself of it!

– Joseph Prince

English Course

The opportunity to speak a language, or languages, apart from your birth language is a genuinely accountable asset. For more information on ingilizce kursu, visit our website today!

Within this age when a very couple of countries are inaccessible, some languages are very desirable. Previously the one who enjoyed reading this ability occurred in certain considerable awe. However, this learning is becoming both an existing skill and skill, attainable through the majority who shoot for it. It doesn’t only bring personal gain, but professionally can be invaluable, smoothing the best way to greater understanding – resulting in trust and improved relationships between individuals as well as aiding the eventual results of peace between countries.

English remains a broadly recognized language throughout today’s world, producing a popular for English education – probably the most searched for after subjects of learning. Consequently, along with the recognition from the top quality of English education and also the great need to learn – along with today’s requirement for such skills, it has brought to the development of more varied ways that people can learn English United kingdom.

In the varied learning methods available has come to light the firm thought that a passionate training premise is easily the most advantageous approach to take. The annual school ‘exchange’ technique is still practiced, and it has shown to be a very good way to improve ones’ language-learning skills. However, extracurricular and adult learning finding yourself in ever-growing demand has brought towards the establishment of the excellent and extensive residential business English course training.

Residential English Studies

Residential training offers the perfect setting for intensive study, inside a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere, with other people of like mind and need to advance. Free of the everyday pressures of labor and travel, maximum time could be provided for improving vocabulary skills. Using English every day and various other students and trainers enable faster learning.

Residential business English courses could be split into three distinct groups:

SOCIAL & FUNCTIONAL – covering social and business skills

GRAMMAR & LANGUAGE – covering regions of grammar and language use within today’s business market

PROFESSIONAL – covering aspects crucial in the industry arena

Taking these points one-step further – four kinds of course usually can be used, which is substantially determined by the understanding students require regarding which class is selected:

Face to face Business English Courses:

They are specialist, top-quality one-to-one, intensive language training courses – producing the quickest leads to the shortest time. However, every student has different needs – whether it is general, business or professional. Expert trainers will analyze strong and flaws along with objectives thus enabling these to plan a person programme. This permits study to carry on with teachers at the individual level, without distraction using their company students with various needs.

Combination Courses:

Small-group training concentrating on the word what and communication skills vital for those social, functional, grammar, language and professional areas as pointed out above.

One-to-one training is tailored towards the specific needs of the students, supplying a full and varied scope for study. Students might have regions of personal interest, need language work encompassing grammar, pronunciation, listening and so on, or have to focus on specific business areas.

Led self-study involves using the full range of multi-media information that’s available, to assist in development and understanding of language. Individual presentations, reports or job-specific projects may also be covered.

Closed Groups:

‘Teamwork’ programmes are equipped for specific companies or sectors and therefore are aimed more towards participants at the intermediate level or over. Language and management programmes enable a shut number of students from one organization, to enhance their English skills although they discuss an array of topics peculiar to their industry or sector. These programmes, based on expert trainers, also cover communication needs and critical issues both available and industrial industry.

Interview Skills:

An essential requirement, once students have achieved their learning goals is the opportunity to contained competently and desirable. Targeting a campaign or perhaps an urgent meeting with a brand new company, it’s well to keep yourself informed that lots of companies interview within the English language.

You will find courses available covering every aspect of selection interviews from CV applications right through to role-play conversations. Pronunciation, grammar and individuals very familiar ‘difficult’ questions could be researched entirely making certain the prosperity of students within the employment market. Want to know more about bakırköy ingilizce kursu? Visit our website for more information.

Everyone knows that it’s simpler to understand if you have a proven method, the encouragement of experts and possibly a buddy or more who’s around the learning journey too. That’s the reason business English courses and language training is ideal when it’s tailored for your particular needs.