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ClixSense – FREE Premium Membership

Greetings money makers.

I have collected some amount of money and I want to invest it in my favorite PTC site ClixSense. At this moment i have about $400 willing to spent on upgrading my downline on ClixSense.

What is my offer ?

I can offer you FREE Premium membership if you met some conditions. I have to list them because I do not want to pay for nothing, sure.


Membership cost is 15$ and it is for period of 1 year. If you want to join via mine referral link, I will upgrade you to Premium for FREE after you earn $2 on my behalf –PTC clicks, tasks or offers. Because I got 40% of every PTC click of yours (tasks and offers 10%), you need to have about 6.25$ in your main balance and then you are eligible for FREE Premium membership. This condition is only and only because I wanna be confident you are active, so I do not invest money in nothing.

After condition was met:

After you met conditions, I will automatically upgrade you, and you will become Premium member. You can even message me by sending an email which is clearly visible after you joined ClixSense.

What offers you Premium membership ?

Upgrading to Premium is profitable even without having a single referral. You will make profit if you open at least $0.05 daily, but your average will be $0.08-$0.09, (much more for USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, West Europe and some other countries) depending on a location where are you from.

First as a Premium member you are getting 4 x 0.01$ ADS guaranteed daily instead of guaranteed 1x 0.01$ as a standard member.

As a standard member you are getting
– 20% of referral clicks
– 5% of referrals tasks and offers
– 25 ClixGrid chances.

As a Premium member all these rates are doubled.
– 40% from referrals clicks
– 10% for referral tasks and offer
– 50 ClixGrid chances and less timer for open ClixGrid ads.
– Premium member are eligible for commissions:

★ if a referral earn on 5$ on his account, you get 1$ instantly in your account balance
★ if a referral purchase an AD you will get 10% from his purchase cost instantly in your account balance
★ as both for standard and Premium membership you will get 2$ instantly if a referral join via your referral link and upgrade, but only as a Premium if a referral from 1st level up to 7th level (your referrals referral, referral’s referrals referral… until 7th level referral…) upgrade, you will get 1$ instantly in your account balance

You will be in profit just for upgrading without any referral but with few active referrals, you will get more than double profit.

My suggestion for you is to join and try with getting some good referral(s) + become more familiar with website earning possibilities, then when membership comes you just need to continue, but your earning will be multiplied for at least 4 times.

If you have in plan to earn money from PTC, then you definitely need to register on surely the best and most famous website in PTC industry – ClixSense.

URL to join and accept my offer >>>>>

After you choose to join and accept my offer, just simply email me on email address provided for your upline (My Account - Sponsor Details —> Sponsor Name —> Sponsor Email) saying that you come from my OFFER post.