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Rest in Peace, Karpal Singh

Rest in Peace, Karpal Singh

Rest in Peace, Karpal

I was shocked to learn of Karpal Singh’s untimely death yesterday morning in a road accident along the North South Highway. Apparently the accident happened in the wee hours of the morning at 1:00am as he was coming back along with a group to attend a court case in Penang. Now, all that is gone. I don’t know if his lawyer son will take over his lawyer office in KL.

Karpal has contributed a lot to the nation, speaking up and defending the people, while fighting against corrupt leaders. The Tiger of Jelutong, will finally rest in peace and may eternal light shine upon his soul. His father also passed away in India in an accident and I hope his sons will be spared from this generational mishap.

I hope is family and wife will be strong during this difficult period and continue in the fight against injustice.