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Dad in Hospital

I was in KL a few days ago when dad gave me a missed call at 5:50am. He was admitted to the General Hospital for pain and they suspected it was dengue. They took his blood and it came out negative. Then the doctors did a series of further tests and today he is supposed to go for a heart scan since he has 3 calsified clogged arteries in the heart. I decided to order a flower basket online and deliver on the same day. After searching, I found Bloom This but the payment cannot go through which is a miss opportunity for them. After further search, I found Flower Chimp and the range of flower arrangement looks pretty attractive drawing my attention. Since it is based in KL, I chose Penang option for fast delivery there, as they could have a branch or florist in Penang. Before 12:00 noon, it was paid online for $190 and delivered at 4:00pm the same day on Saturday, a weekend.

Above is the fruit basket with flowers of 10 roses and 10 daisies, etc that has a dragon fruit, some pears, oranges, apples, grapes, kiwi fruits, etc.

About 7-8 doctors attended to dad and 2 specialists who are church friends also came to see dad. He qualified for first class, but chose 3rd class instead so that he can talk and mingle with other patients and chat about their children, etc. My dad is a very sociable person and does not like to be alone. Just hope he will be discharged soon. He is already 80 this year.