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Procrastination is Opportunity’s Assassin

I know of a friend who wanted to pursue a PhD Programme in National University of Singapore (NUS) in the Arts Faculty. But due to work commitment and lackadaisical attitude and procrastination, the programme was finally called off and no longer offered by NUS. Such a waste and missed opportunity. Not only that, you don’t have to pay; Besides, she will also get a stipend of S$1,500 per month working as a research assistant to fund her studies.

This is a classic case of ‘Procrastination is Opportunity’s Assassin’. I am also in the midst of writing a book with 26 pages of manuscript which is yet to be submitted. For this first venture of book authoring, I have to keep reminding myself not to procrastinate and get the job done as soon as possible. I will only write when in the mood so that my writings will flow with my thoughts. But then again, I keep putting off the ‘mood’ to write to pursue my other hobbies like reading the newspapers and magazines.

If there is no pain, then there is no gain. Hence, I need to get myself in sync with my brain to continue writing until the manuscript is accepted and published. I have read many books by local authors and as well as foreign ones. There is cash to be made with published books and the work in write once, earn forever – provided the theme and contents of the book are evergreen topics; those that will never get out of fashion, but be in constant demand.