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Follow the Habits of the Ant

The ant is small in size but is a very diligent creature. It will continue to work and work and store up food for winter. Unlike the grasshopper which sings and play all summer, it will definitely go hungry when winter comes. From the book of Proverbs, we have been exhorted to be like the ant, working and storing up for rainy days. When it applies to humans, this means working and saving up for our retirement and old age. During our golden years, hopefully and not woeful years, we should be working and taking every opportunity to save up as much as we can for our twilight years in time to come.

Nobody can escape the cause and effects of aging when  our bones become brittle, sickness sets in and lost of strength of youth. It is inevitable and everybody will go through this process of growing old and aging. Hence, in our productive  years, we should be working hard and saving as much as we can while we are healthy and mobile;. With a mind that is still alert, we should fully utilize it functions for a more prosperous and happy life, with more than enough to tide us through a lifetime.

For those with children, you might like to leave some money for your kids, so that they will not have to beg in the streets like vagabonds. They will be well provided for and will not go hungry. God will take care of His children so that they will not go hungry and do not have to beg in the streets. Just like the birds in the air and the flowers of the ground, they are clothed and fed by the Almighty God. This is the nature of living things.

The book of Proverbs tells us to work hard with our hands so that we do not go hungry when winter comes. We ought to be diligent and not be slothful. Just follow God’s wisdom and we will never go wrong. God’s kind of success is real, lasting success. Not intermittent success or temporary success.