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Sold a Book

I sold a book ’72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits’ for a mere $8 after paying a whopping $56 for it! Well, there is too much hype and Patric certainly knows the psychology of selling, being a greeting card seller himself before his phenomenal rise to wealth via the internet. I read it only once but the title of the book certainly attracts much interests, despite the boring contents. There is nothing new to be learnt and that is why the big boys keep making crazy amount of money every day while the normal people like us struggle to put food on the table for our families. To some people, making tonnes of money seems to be the norm each day and they are jet setting to exotic destinations, taking up the entire bungalows for their families with swimming pool included and the best scenery of the beach, white powdery sand and the azure blue seas crashing onto the shores, giving out lots of negative ions in the process.