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Will Sell Stamps Today

I listed my stamps still stuck to envelopes that were cut out as I don’t have time to soak them in water to separate them from the glued paper. I listed them in a website and after 5 minutes, received 2 missed calls from a potential buyer from Butterworth. I then returned the call after some time and found a buyer for my stamps. We will meet at McDonald’s Times Square and I hope he won’t negotiate too much less for them as they are more than 70. It is so easy to sell online by taking a good photo and have them listed via the internet.

On another note, I lose USD 30 due to binary options that I inadvertently signed up after watching a very convincing video. These are all scams, all out to make money out of you and not the other way round. They promise you 50% bonus, but after seeing the money bank into your binary options account, it quickly dissipates into thin air and you are left with your investments only. I have had enough of their shit and hope to close the account immediately.