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The Importance of Blogging

To create more visibility, it is important to have a blog – either on your own personal domain with WordPress script installed on your paid server or free blogs like Blogger which is developed by Google.

You can monitize your blog contents with Google Adsense, Advertlets, Nuffnang, Bidvertiser, and other contextual advertisment programs. Many bloggers have successfully earn a constant income each month by putting advertisements such as Google’s Adsense on their blog/blogs. By revenue income, Adsense is the most lucrative of all the other programs.

People are known to quit their stressful full-time jobs in the multi-national corporations or offices just to concentrate on monitizing their blogs and to maintain them.

The other key point of the importance of a blog is that it can create buzz on your products and services if you have a loyal, constant stream of visitors who come to read your updated blog. They can also add stickiness to the blog by commenting and reading comments.

Popular blogs have high stickiness and will have thousands of readers every day. Who knows, some of these visitors might become clients of the products and services added by hyperlinks in the blog posts.

You can also participate in sponsored posts or paid posts like Payperpost, Loudlaunch, Blogsvertise, etc. From a payment of US $3 per post, it can be more if the page rank of the blog is higher. For instance, Loudlaunch is paying US $5 a post for blogs with page rank of 2 or PR2. Page ranks measure the importance of a blog or site with number of inbound links versus outbound links and such.

Hence, from contextual advertisements to paid posts, these are the ways to earn a lucrative income from your blogs.

Note of Caution:

Never ever click on your own contextual advertisements for higher revenue. You may get banned permanently. Hence, it is not worth the extra click of a few cents to be banned from participating again!